Ministry of Environment


Violation Tickets

Violation tickets are a legal process used to charge a person or business who has committed a minor offence. In certain circumstances licence action, that is, suspension or cancellation of licences, may also occur as an administrative penalty.

Tickets may be paid in person at any Service BC Offices, or payment sent by mail to:

Ticket Payment Processing
Bag #3505
Victoria, B.C. V8W 3N9

Please read the reverse side of your ticket and ensure that you apply the payment to the correct ticket number.

If you intend to file a dispute, please read the reverse side of your ticket for details and contact the agency responsible or your local court house for more information.

Suspension and Cancellation of Licences Under the Wildlife Act

If you are convicted of an offence under the Wildlife Act or its Regulations or the Firearm Act either by pleading guilty to the charge or being deemed guilty, be aware that section 85 of the Wildlife Act provides that if you fail to pay a fine within the time required, all licences, permits and limited entry hunting authorizations issued to you, under the Wildlife Act, will be cancelled immediately.