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Limited Entry Hunting

  • Click to download the LEH Regulations Synopsis [PDF 8.58 MB]

    2015-2016 Limited Entry Hunting Regulations Synopsis

    LEH application are due at the Victoria address by 4:30 pm Friday May 22, 2015. Hard copies (printed version) are currently being printed and should be available at your local vendor the week of Apri 6, 2015.

    Limited Entry Hunting (LEH) are hunting opportunities created via a "lottery", and the details are found in the LEH Synopsis. Participation in the LEH draw is available to any resident of B.C. who legally possesses a B.C. Resident Hunter Number.

    The purpose of Limited Entry Hunting is to achieve wildlife management objectives without resorting to such measures as shortening seasons or completely closing areas. It is only introduced where it has become necessary to limit the number of hunters, limit the number of animals that may be taken, or limit the harvest to a certain "class" of animal.

    Victoria mailing address for LEH applications

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    To find out more, please download:
    How the Limited Entry Hunting System Works [PDF 95KB]

    If you have any questions about Limited Entry Hunting, contact the LEH office at: 250 356-5142

  • Success in the Draw

    Success in the Limited Entry draw is simply a matter of random luck. The odds that are published beside each hunt give an indication of the likelihood of a successful application, but they do not guarantee anything. For example, odds of 3 to 1 suggest that one out of three applicants will be drawn, but for any one person, this is not a sure thing. With such odds, an individual could be lucky and be drawn twice in three tries or be unlucky and apply for eight straight years without success.

    Contrary to the beliefs of many, repeat success in the Limited Entry draw is actually quite low. Successful applicants have their chances reduced in subsequent draws in order to improve the chances of those who have been unsuccessful. In most cases of repeated success, an applicant has been applying for very lightly subscribed hunts.

    If you have lost a Limited Entry Hunting authorization, a duplicate can be issued to you at most Service BC Offices free of charge.

  • Draw Status

    The 2014 Spring Grizzly and Early Skeena Mountain Sheep LEH draw has not yet been completed. Once the draw has been completed we will open up the yellow Draw Status check box and you will be able to check your status right here.

    2015/2016 LEH Draw has not yet been run.

    When the draw has been run you will be able to check your draw results here.

    Important Notice

    To all BC resident hunters who may be planning to hunt in Management Units 5-04 and 5-05:

    Your ability to exercise hunting privileges in these management units may be affected by a recent Supreme Court of Canada decision regarding the Tsilhqot'in Nation:

    If you have any questions, you may contact the LEH Office at: 250-356-5142 or

    We regret that First Nation hunters may not be able to check their Limited Entry draw results on this website. For protection of privacy reasons, access to draw results is by British Columbia resident hunter number only. The use of the hunter number rather than the hunter's name is intended to prevent access to draw results by anyone other than the person who applied for the draw. First Nation hunters who do not have a resident hunter number may check their draw results by contacting the Fish and Wildlife Branch at 250-356-5142.

  • 2014 Draw Statistics

    • The Fish, Wildlife, and Habitat Management Branch issued 25,371 authorizations to 22,204 hunters (the total number of authorizations issued is higher than the total number of hunters because it is possible for one hunter to receive more than one authorization).
    • There were a total of 21,592 authorizations available (the total number of authorizations available is lower than the total number of issued authorizations due to shared moose and bison hunts that have more winning hunters than authorized animals).
    • 24,817 authorizations were issued as "first choice"; 396 as "second choice" and 151 as "Grizzly Bear Substitute".
    • Shared hunts for moose allowed 3,945 additional hunters to participate in LEH hunts for moose.
    • Shared hunts for bison allowed 190 additional hunters to participate in LEH hunts for bison.
    • 1 hunter was drawn for 5 species, 31 were drawn for 4 species, 257 were drawn for 3 species, 2556 were drawn for 2 species and 19359 were drawn for 1 species.
    • 82,912 hunters submitted 182,052 applications, 180,116 of which made it into the draw.
    • 34 hunters applied for all 8 species.
    • 56,213 people applied for 1 or 2 species.
    • 246 authorizations, (56/2770 Goat, 8/1617 Grizzly Bear, 96/4460 Mule Deer and 86/8578, Moose) were not awarded due to being undersubscribed (the total number of authorizations available exceeded the total number of applicants for that hunt).
  • 2015 Spring Grizzly Bear and Skeena Mountain Sheep Draws

    For number of authorizations to be drawn for the 2015 Spring Grizzly and 2015 Skeena Mountain Sheep draws click here.

    Note that in order to run the draw, provide for sufficient time to notify hunters of the results and provide hunters with adequate time to plan their hunts the deadline for applications for the spring Grizzly Bear hunt and early Skeena Mountain Sheep hunts remains February 6, 2015. If you have concerns with the number of authorizations available that correspond with your application please contact the LEH headquarters office in Victoria at (250) 356-5142.

    Attention Grizzly Bear Hunters

    Grizzly bear populations are sensitive to female harvest and hunting opportunities may be decreased or cancelled when the female harvest becomes a concern. Please avoid harvesting female Grizzly bears, for more information on Grizzly bear sex identification please visit Choosing Which Bear to Take courtesy of the Alaska Department of Fish and Game.

  • Notice on Special Mountain Sheep Resident Draw

    The lucky winner of the 2015 Resident Special Sheep Permit was selected at random by Russ Malcom, Land Acquisition Analyst of BC Parks, Ministry of Environment, on Thursday July 31, 2014. The winner is Lawrence Van Der Peet.

    The Fish, Wildlife and Habitat Management Branch is pleased to announce the Special Mountain Sheep Resident Draw. This authorization provides a special opportunity to hunt your choice of Thinhorn Sheep (Dall’s and Stone’s) or Bighorn Sheep (California and Rocky Mountain) and to support conservation efforts that will benefit mountain sheep in British Columbia.

    The draw allows the successful applicant to take one mountain sheep in excess of the regular bag limit during a special extended hunting period and will be valid during the limited entry hunting and general open hunting season for sheep.  If the species of choice is Bighorn Sheep, the opportunity to hunt will be extended until December 20, approximately one month past the end of the latest sheep hunting season date.  If the species of choice is a Thinhorn Sheep, the opportunity to hunt will be open earlier by 21 days prior to the opening of the regular sheep hunting season and will close on March 31.

    The Special Mountain Sheep Resident Draw is valid for any male sheep. The successful resident is required to hold a valid resident hunting licence, a mountain sheep species licence and the Special Mountain Sheep authorization while hunting under the Special Mountain Sheep authorization.  While the Special Mountain Sheep authorization allows the successful application to harvest 2 sheep in the licence year, the hunter may only hold one uncancelled sheep species licence at one time.

    The Special Mountain Sheep Resident Draw applications are available through Service BC Offices and vendors.

    Watch for the 2015 Limited Entry Hunting synopsis for details on the 2016 Special Mountain Sheep Huntdraw.