Ministry of Environment

Hunting in British Columbia

Section 24 Decisions

Automatic Licence Cancellation: under section 24 of the Wildlife Act and Sch. 7.04 B.C. Reg. 340/82 Wildlife Act General Regulation – Periods of Ineligibility for a Licence.

  • Applicable where a person has been convicted of an automatic charge and licences affected are suspended for a specific period.
  • Should the conviction be an automatic licence cancellation the period of cancellation is listed in table format under section 7.04 of B.C. Regulation 340/82.
  • The conviction and length of an automatic licence cancellation cannot be appealed.

Director’s Decision (Recommended Licence Action): under section 24 of the Wildlife Act: Suspension and Cancellation of Licences

  • Applicable where licence suspension or cancellation has been recommended to the director by enforcement personnel.
  • The director has the authority to cancel, for any other cause considered sufficient by the director, and after providing an opportunity for the person to be heard, any licence(s) or limited entry hunting authorization and all rights under it.
  • The director may order a person ineligible to obtain or renew licence(s) or limited entry hunting authorization for a period.
  • No conviction is necessary to make a decision by the director.
  • Director’s decision may be appealed by filing an appeal with the EAB.

Filing an appeal with the Environmental Appeal Board (EAB)

To file an appeal with the EAB:

in person

Environmental Appeal Board
747 Fort Street 4th Floor
Victoria, B.C.

by mail

Environmental Appeal Board
PO Box 9425 Stn Prov Gov
Victoria B.C. V8W 9V1

You have thirty (30) days from the day you receive notice to file your appeal. When filing your appeal a fee of $25 payable to the Minister of Finance and Corporate Relations, is required.

Filing an Appeal under the Wildlife Act

Information on Appeals under the Wildlife Act