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Policies and Procedures

Policies and procedures are designed to provide guidance to statutory decision makers when exercising their decision-making authority, and to provide staff with direction on how to proceed when carrying out specific duties related to their position functions.

In general terms, policies provide high level information on the principles and direction the Ministry wishes to take with respect to a particular topic or issue.  They are often quite broad in their context.  Procedures, on the other hand, are more detailed, and generally describe processes to assist decision-makers in settling on final decisions, or detailing how staff should implement those decisions.

The Branch has a suite of policies and procedures designed to assist in the management of the province’s wildlife resource.  While many of these documents have not required updating for many years, others have gone through recent amendments, or are currently being updated.  Policies and procedures will be posted to this site as they are updated, and more historic documents will be posted over the coming months.

Please note that the documents on this site do not represent the complete set of Ministry policies and procedures.  Documents may have different Ministry names, logos and layouts depending on when they were developed.  Policies and procedures on this site may not be consistent with current laws, especially the older ones.

Wildlife Policies

Volume 4

  • 4 7 01.03 - Harvest Allocation [41KB]
  • 4 7 01.07 - Game Harvest Management [145KB]
  • 4 7 01.09 - Disabled Hunting - Improved opportunities [688 KB]
  • 4 7 01.11 - Commercial Hunting Interests [41KB]
  • 4 7 01.12 - Allocation of Previously Unopened Hunts [40KB]
  • 4 7 01.13 - Under-Harvest of Allocated Share [40KB]
  • 4 7 12.06 - Controlled Alien Species [207KB]

Wildlife Procedures

Volume 4