Ministry of Forests, Lands and Natural Resource Operations

Snowmobile Closures

Under the Mountain Caribou Recovery Implementation Plan, scientists recommended over one million hectares across the mountain caribou range be closed to motorized winter recreation to facilitate recovery of caribou populations.

Since 2009, government has closed areas to snowmobile use across the Mountain Caribou range in order to support population recovery. The closed areas have been amended with BC Reg 74/2011 effective April 27, 2011. If you would like to download closures areas to gps click here.


Snowmobile Use within Caribou Recovery Area Silvercup Ridge Closure Hamling Lakes Closure Queest Mountain Closure Bischoff Closure Mt. Grace Closure Bourne Glacier Closure Canvas Creek Closure Foam Creek Closure Groundhog Closure Lower Bone Closure Thunder River Closure Blue River Closure Mt. Kimmel Closure Maxwell Closure South Lion Closure North Lion Closure Reg-Christie Closure Upper Bone Closure Mt. Halvorson Closure Cariboo River Closure Goat River Closure Sugar Bowl Mountain Hooker Closure Wolverine North Closure Wolverine South Closure Two Sisters Mountain Barkerville Mountain Closure Cariboo Mountain Closure Mt. Patchett Closure Mica Mountain Closure Eureka Peak Closure Bill Miner Closure Grain Creek Closure Ishkloo Creek Closure Quesnel Lake Junction Closure Table River Closure Hominka River Closure Mt. Rider Closure Walker Creek Closure Otter Closure Parsnip Closure Mt. Reynolds Closure Mt. Wendt Closure Farmer Closure Sande Closure Old Herb Closure Buhl Creek Closure West Kootenay - South Selkirk South Purcells Kootenay Lake S South Purcells Creston South Purcells Cranbrook South Purcells Kootenay Lake N Cranbrook West Recreation Management Strategy Standard Peak-Sale Mtn-Frisby Ridge Caribou Basin Map 3 - Revelstoke-Monashee-Selkirk Map 2 - Revelstoke-Monashee-Selkirk Map 1 - Revelstoke-Monashee-Selkirk Howard-Foster-Encampment


  1. Hamling Lakes Closure
  2. Silvercup Ridge Closure
  3. Bischoff Closure
  4. Mt. Grace Closure
  5. Bourne Glacier Closure
  6. Queest Mountain Closure
  7. Canvas Creek Closure
  8. Foam Creek Closure
  9. Groundhog Closure
  10. Lower Bone Closure
  11. Thunder River Closure
  12. Blue River Closure
  13. Mt. Kimmel Closure
  14. Maxwell Closure
  15. South Lion Closure
  16. North Lion Closure
  17. Reg-Christie Closure
  18. Upper Bone Closure
  19. Mt. Halvorson Closure
  20. Cariboo River Closure
  21. Goat River Closure
  22. Sugar Bowl Mountain
  23. Hooker Closure
  24. Wolverine North Closure
  1. Wolverine South Closure
  2. Two Sisters Mountain
  3. Barkerville Mountain Closure
  4. Cariboo Mountain Closure
  5. Mt. Patchett Closure
  6. Mica Mountain Closure
  7. Eureka Peak Closure
  8. Bill Miner Closure
  9. Grain Creek Closure
  10. Ishkloo Creek Closure
  11. Quesnel Lake Junction Closure
  12. Table River Closure
  13. Hominka River Closure
  14. Mt. Rider Closure
  15. Walker Creek Closure
  16. Otter Closure
  17. Parsnip Closure
  18. Mt. Reynolds Closure
  19. Mt. Wendt Closure
  20. Farmer Closure
  21. Sande Closure
  22. Old Herb Closure
  1. Buhl Creek Closure
  1. Howard-Foster-Encampment
  2. Revelstoke-Monashee-Selkirk – Map 1
  3. Revelstoke-Monashee-Selkirk – Map 2
  4. Revelstoke-Monashee-Selkirk – Map 3
  5. Caribou Basin
  6. Standard Peak-Sale Mtn-Frisby Ridge
  7. Cranbrook West Recreation Management Strategy
  8. South Purcells Kootenay Lake N
  9. South Purcells Cranbrook
  10. South Purcells Creston
  11. South Purcells Kootenay Lake S
  12. West Kootenay – South Selkirk