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The Wildlife Act’s Controlled Alien Species Regulation is a regulation that controls the possession, breeding, shipping and releasing of alien animals (i.e. that are not native to B.C.) that pose a risk to the health or safety of people or the environment.  Under Sections 6.4 and 6.5 of the Wildlife Act, the Minister of the Environment has authority to designate species as controlled alien species and to regulate these species.

The provincial government has the responsibility of ensuring public safety and the listed animals in Schedules 1 and 2 pose a serious risk to that safety. The regulation protects the public while also ensuring that recognized institutions can continue to possess these animals.  The BC SPCA, the Union of BC Municipalities and the Office of the Chief Coroner all requested the control of alien species.

On December 18th, 2012 a number of amendments to the Controlled Alien Species Regulation became law. These changes included the addition of a number of aquatic invasive species that pose a significant risk to BC’s native species, environment and, in some cases, infrastructure. These species are listed in Schedule 3 (fish) and Schedule 4 (mussels).

Additional amendments include:

  • Adding definitions for "accredited zoo or aquarium," "certified educational institution" and "certified research institution" to create clarity on standards, and allow exemptions to apply for strict educational or scientific purposes.
  • Clarifying which species of monitor lizard are prohibited, typically those that grow over two metres in length or that otherwise create a significant threat to public safety.

A copy of the regulatory amendments is provided here and the remainder of this site will be updated in the future to include quick links to the prohibited species. Note that the Policy and Procedures have not yet been updated and only apply to Schedule 1 and 2 species.

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