Ministry of Forests, Lands and Natural Resource Operations

Wildlife Act Review

Controlled Alien Species Regulation

Information for Educational and Research Institutions Possessing Controlled Alien Species

All owners of Controlled Alien Species will require a permit by April 1, 2010.

Key Dates:

November 1, 2009: Applications are available for permits to possess a Controlled Alien Species. You must have your permit in place to possess any current Controlled Alien Species by April 1, 2010.

February 1, 2010: The last date to submit your permit application to the Ministry of Environment, to ensure compliance with the regulation, and obtain your permit before the April 1, 2010 deadline.

April 1, 2010: If you are in possession of a controlled alien species without a permit, you may be subject to a penalty for violating the new restrictions. Please read the permit application and conditions carefully for a full outline of annual requirements.

Click here for a Permit Application form.

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