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HabitatWizard is a map-based tool created for government, industry, environmental professionals and interested users to spatially access detailed fish and fish habitat information over the internet.

HabitatWizard links to provincial databases, providing information on fish observations, fish ranges, obstacles, stream and lake physical information, aerial photography, the watershed atlas, fish stocking records and bathymetric mapping for over 2500 lakes.

Please check the Ecological Reports Catalogue (EcoCat) for reference material and data that is available for online distribution.

Please see the Fisheries Information Data Queries (FIDQ) for additional and more detailed queries of fish and fish habitat information.

To launch HabitatWizard,
please click the Start button below.

Please Note:
  • A new “Obstacles to Fish Passage” layer has been added.
  • HabitatWizard is compatible with Internet Explorer v6 and FireFox.  If you are using Internet Explorer v7 you must modify your Custom Level Security Settings for HabitatWizard to function properly.  If using Safari, note that some of the functionality of HabitatWizard might not be operational.
  • If you are an angler looking specifically for recreational freshwater fishing information, please visit the Freshwater Fisheries Society of BC and their FishWizard.
  • The most recent salmon escapement information is available from Fisheries and Oceans Canada on their MAPSTER site.

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