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HabitatWizard is a map-based tool created for users to spatially access detailed fish, wildlife and ecosystem information over the internet.

HabitatWizard displays several spatial layers that can be selected to show all of the information you require. Basemaps include the 1:50,000 Watershed Atlas, the 1:20,000 Freshwater Atlas, contours, and a variety of basemap scales.

Fish layers include species present data, obstacles to fish, inventoried lakes and streams, invasive aquatic species and links to over 2,500 bathymetric maps.

Wildlife layers available include BC wildlife inventory data (including incidental, survey and telemetry observations) as well as endangered species and ecosystems information (CDC).

Sensitive Ecosystem Inventory layers, wildlife management units, legal and proposed Government Actions Regulations Areas (GAR), and Old Growth Management Areas. Terrestrial ecosystem map boundary information is also available.

Please check the Ecological Reports Catalogue (EcoCat) for reference material and data that is available for online distribution.

Please see the Fisheries Information Data Queries (FIDQ) for additional and more detailed queries of fish and fish habitat information.

To launch HabitatWizard,
please click the Start button below.

Please Note:
  • The most recent salmon escapement information is available from Fisheries and Oceans Canada on their MAPSTER site.

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