Ministry of Environment

West Coast Spill Response Study

The West Coast Spill Response Study, prepared for the Province by Nuka Research, provides key elements for a world class system that includes spill prevention, preparedness, response and recovery. The study consists of three volumes:
  • Volume 1 [PDF 7.98MB] – An initial assessment and gap analysis of the existing marine spill prevention and response regime in place for B.C.
  • Volume 2 [PDF 5.81MB] – A vessel traffic study assessing the current and potential levels of shipping on the west coast of Canada, and the current volume of hydrocarbons being shipped or used as fuel.
  • Volume 3 [PDF 4.98MB] – An analysis to identify international best practices and elements required for establishing a world class marine spill preparedness and response regime, which is one of B.C.'s five conditions for considering heavy oil transport.