Welcome to the Oceans and Marine Fisheries Branch

Ocean resources and marine fisheries of British Columbia are important contributors to the provincial economy and are the foundation for many coastal and First Nation communities.

The Oceans and Marine Fisheries Branch is responsible for the overall leadership of provincial government strategies and initiatives related to ocean resources and marine fisheries, as well as seafood industry development.


Popular Resources

Seafood YIR 2011new

B.C. Seafood Industry Year in Review -January 2013 (PDF/2.0 MB/16 pages)

British Columbia Derelict Fishing Gear Survey and Removal Project -March 2011 (PDF/3.47 MB/ 18 pages)

Economic Impacts From a Reduced Groundfish Trawl Fishery -July 2010 (PDF/590 KB/46 pages)

Economic Contribution of the Oceans Sector in British Columbia -April 2007 (PDF/1.4MB/136 pages)

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