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This project presents Terrestrial Ecosystem Mapping (TEM).  A Sensitive Ecosystems Inventory theme was derived from the TEM mapcodes.

This project covers the City of Kelowna in south central British Columbia, and falls within two mapsheets, 082L003 and 082L004, and two biogeoclimatic units, the Interior Douglas-fir Okanagan Very Dry Hot variant (IDFxh1) and the Ponderosa Pine Okanagan Very Dry Hot variant (PPxh1).

The project follows the Standard for Terrestrial Ecosystem Mapping in B.C., 1998, with a survey intensity of 5.

Field inventory was completed in 2007. Mapping was completed at 1:20 000 scale.

Report Authors: Iverson, K. and P. Uunila

Link to data on Ecocat: Sensitive Ecosystems Inventory: City of Kelowna