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This report includes Terrestrial Ecosystem Mapping with SEI and WHA themes. Reporting is in three volumes: the TEM report includes Terrestrial Ecosystem, Terrain, Terrain Stability, and Surface Erosion Mapping and Expanded Legend; the WHA report includes habitat summaries and species models for eleven wildlife species at risk in BC; and the SEI report provides information to help conserve and protect remaining sensitive and important ecosystems.

The Lake Country SEI was initiated in 2004 to develop an inventory information base and conservation analysis to support sound land management decisions and promote effective stewardship of sensitive ecosystems in the District of Lake Country of the central Okanagan.

The project covers private land, provincial parks, regional parks and provincial crown land within the central Okanagan Valley of south-central British Columbia. The area covers 12,330 ha. The District of Lake Country includes the ridge between Okanagan Lake and the valley containing Kalamalka and Wood Lakes, Winfield, and the west-facing slopes above Winfield and Wood Lake. This area lies within the Thompson Plateau, a subdivision of the Interior Plateau Physiographic Region, in the Southern Interior Ecoprovince and includes the PPxh1, IDFxh1, IDFmw1 and MSdm1 Biogeoclimatic subzones.

The District of Lake Country and Ministry of Environment initiated this project, which was funded by The Real Estate Foundation of British Columbia, the B.C.Ministry of Environment, and the District of Lake Country.

Report Authors: Iverson, K. and P. Uunila

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