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Sensitive Ecosystems InventoriesSensitive Ecosystems Inventories

Central Okanagan Ecosystems

A 'sensitive' ecosystem is one that is ecologically fragile and/or is recognized as rare in the provincial landscape. Rare ecosystems are those that are considered to be provincially rare either because of limited distribution or because disturbance has significantly limited their distribution. Rare ecosystems are designated by the Conservation Data Centre (CDC) of the British Columbia government and are listed as either 'red' (considered to be extirpated, endangered, or threatened) or 'blue' (considered vulnerable).

The Central Okanagan SEI identified seven 'sensitive' ecosystem types:

and two 'other important ecosystem' types:

These Other Important Ecosystems have significant ecological and biological values associated with them, although they are not defined as sensitive ecosystems.

Habitat Conservation Trust Fund, Regional District of Central Okanagan, British Columbia, Environment Canada