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This project includes Terrestrial Ecosystem Mapping (TEM) with a Sensitive Ecosystems Inventory (SEI) theme and Wildlife Habitat Assessments (WHA). It is an upgrade of the original biophysical mapping (1991-1994) for this study area.

Since the original mapping, a provincial ecosystem mapping standard has been adopted and the classification of ecosystems has been updated and revised. This project brings the map product to Terrestrial Ecosystem Mapping (TEM) standards (1998) and to revised Biogeoclimatic Ecosystem Classification (BEC) site series classification (not finalized at the time of mapping). This upgraded mapping includes areas where recent burns and new developments have occurred. The Naramata OCP area includes improved capture of riparian and wetland ecosystems. The updated mapping provides a consistent Okanagan-wide mapping base.

The mapping includes the south Okanagan and lower Similkameen Valleys (coincident with the original biophysical mapping), previously unmapped gaps between the South Okanagan TEM and TFL15 TEM, and portions of the Naramata OCP area. The mapped area falls within the BGC subzones: BGxh, ESSFxc, IDFdk, dm and xh, MSdm and xk, and PPxh. Portions of the following ecosections are included: North Okanagan Basin (NOB), Northern Okanagan Highland (NOH), Okanagan Range (OKR), and South Okanagan Basin (SOB).

This report was produced for Orville Dyer, Ministry of Water, Land and Air Protection.

The project follows the Standard for Terrestrial Ecosystem Mapping in B.C., 1998.

The mapping was completed in 2006 at 1:20,000 scale

Report Authors: :Iverson, K. and A. Haney

Link to data and reports on Ecocat: An Updated Terrestrial Ecosystem Map (TEM) for the South Okanagan Valley (with Sensitive Ecosystems Inventory - SEI)