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East Vancouver Island & Gulf Islands Publications, Maps and Data

Digital Files
EcoCat, the Ecosystems Report Catalogue (formerly AquaCat) contains the publications listed below. Go directly to the East Vancouver Island & Gulf Islands project.

Technical Report: Sensitive Ecosystems Inventory: East Vancouver Island and Gulf Islands 1993-1997. Volume 1: Methodology, Ecological Descriptions and Results

Conservation Manual: Sensitive Ecosystems Inventory: East Vancouver Island and Gulf Islands 1993-1997. Volume 2: Conservation Manual

Summary Report: Redigitizing of Sensitive Ecosystems Inventory polygons to exclude disturbed areas.

Digital Maps and Data Files

Please review the Vancouver Island SEI – Disturbance Mapping: EcoCat Read_me File before downloading the following files. The read_me file explains the application and use of the various digital map and data files.

Digital spatial files in Arc export format (.e00)
Non-spatial polygon attribute file (.dbf)
Layer (.lyr) and legend (.avl) files for GIS users
Index to mapsheets in study area (.pdf) (includes an order form for hardcopy maps)
Individual printable mapsheets (.pdf)
SEI Data Dictionary

SEI information, including polygons and reports, can be viewed on the following web atlases:

Capital Regional District (including the southern Gulf Islands): Natural Areas Atlas

Comox Valley Regional District (Habitat Atlas): CVRD I-Map

Nanaimo Regional District (Environmental Atlas): RDN Map

Hardcopy Maps
Hardcopy maps may be viewed at municipal and regional planning offices.

Hardcopy maps may be purchased from:

Clover Point Cartographics
Phone: (250) 384-3537
Fax: (250) 384-2679

An index map and order form is available on EcoCat.


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