Water Management in the South Okanagan

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Water Management in the South Okanagan

A. Okanagan Watershed

Okanagan Watershed

Precipitation & Runoff

B. Water Use in the Okanagan

Water Use in the Okanagan (cont.)

C. Okanagan Lake Regulation System

Okanagan Lake Regulation System


Okanagan Lake Dam

Okanagan River - Penticton

McIntyre Dam (Vaseux Lake)

Vertical Drop Structure

Construction of Okanagan Flood Control System

Canada - British Columbia Okanagan Basin Agreement

Okanagan Basin Agreement

OBA Framework Plan

Okanagan Basin Implementation Agreement

OBIA Operating Plan

Okanagan Lake Hydrology

Mean Monthly Inflows to Okanagan Lake

Okanagan Lake Hydrology

Okanagan Lake Annual Inflows (1921 - 1997)

OBIA Operating Plan

Current OLRS Operations

Operational Considerations

OLRS Physical Limitations

Inflow Forecasting

Mission Creek Snow Pillow

Mission Creek - June 1997

Inflow Forecasting (cont.)

Okanagan Lake Annual Inflows (1921 - 1997)

How are Release Patterns Determined ?

OLRS Operational Summary

D. Management of Osoyoos Lake & the International Joint Commission

Osoyoos Lake & Zosel Dam

Original Zosel Dam

History of IJC Involvement

New Zosel Dam

IJC Orders & Lake Operations

The International Osoyoos Lake Board of Control

International Operational Level Co-operation & Osoyoos Lake

E. International Cooperation & Fishery Interests

F. Summary

Author: Brian Symonds, Assistant Water Manager / Engineering Section Head, Penticton Regional Office, British Columbia Ministry of Environment

Email: David.Ranson@gems4.gov.bc.ca

Home Page: http://wlapwww.gov.bc.ca/cppl/ecc

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