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Terrain Listserv

The Terrain Listserv has been implemented as a communications tool for the terrain mapping, inventory and terrain information community, for the purpose of disseminating and exchanging information, and engaging in discussions relating to BC terrain information.

The Ministry of Environment provincial terrain information specialists will be using this listserv to communicate and consult with subscribers about :

  • proposed changes to standards/guidelines/procedures,
  • newly available data/information,
  • education and professional development opportunities, and
  • other initiatives related to access and management of terrain information.

As a member of the listserv, you may initiate and participate in discussions and send information to the subscriber list.

Messages to the listserv must adhere to the soil/terrain listserv policy found at ListServ Policy. Failure to adhere to the policy may result in removal from the listserv. Messages that do not conform to the purpose of the list may be rejected at the discretion of the list owner. [Additional Information]

Note: Please continue to use to make comments, suggestions, inquiries, and information requests directly to the Ministry of Environment terrain specialists.

For information about terrain and terrain stability mapping, standards/guidelines/user guides, access to maps, reports and data, and other related information, please visit:

To subscribe to the Terrain Listserv
Click here or send an email to: and type the following (in lower case letters) in the body of the email:

subscribe terrain-list

(The title of the email is unimportant as it is not read by the list server. The majordomo mail server is automated and will not recognize additional comments/queries. The majordomo list server will send you notification of receipt of your subscription and additional instructions.)

To send an email to the listserv

To unsubscribe from the listserv
Click here or send an email to: and type the following the body of the e-mail:

unsubscribe terrain-list

Please send enquiries, suggestions, complaints and report misuse directly to the Ministryof Environment terrain information specialists at: