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Water Quality

Forest and Range Management Impacts on Water Quality Bibliography

Water quality is a function of a variety of parameters, including turbidity,nutrients, temperature, pH, toxics, organic material (BOD, dissolved oxygen) andpathogenic organisms. Complex interactions among watershed characteristics,climate and vegetation contribute to stream ecosystems. Forest and rangemanagement activities - such as road construction use and maintenance, timber harvesting, and silviculture, and grazing - may substantially alter the quality of water draining watersheds as well as other defining characteristics such as stream hydrology, sediment loadings, stream characteristics, and aquatic biodiversity. These impacts are typically addressed as NPS pollution issues. The use of best management practices can prevent unacceptable impacts.

In British Columbia, the legal framework for prescribing forest and range management practices is provided by the Forest Practices Code of British Columbia Act, regulations, and the standards. Recommended best management practices and procedures are provided in an extensive series of guidebooks. These four components constitute the Forest Practices Code.

This list has been designed as a "living" bibliography of publications related to forest and range management activities and water quality. The bibliography includes journal articles, conference proceedings, and government publications from studies in watersheds throughout North America. The list is maintained by the Watershed Management Unit of the Water Quality Branch. We welcome abstracts, articles and commentary on works concerning water quality that could be added to this list. Please e-mail the publication citation, the appropriate category, address of the author and an abstract to the Water Quality Branch.

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