Table of Contents

1. Introduction
2. Quality Assurance
3. State of Water Quality
Conclusions - State of Water Quality
4. Recommendations for Water Quality Management
Figure 2 Flow
Figure 3 Total Aluminum
Figure 4 Total Antimony
Figure 5 Total Arsenic
Figure 6 Total Barium
Figure 7 Total Beryllium
Figure 8 Total Bismuth
Figure 9 Total Boron
Figure 10 Total Cadmium
Figure 11 Calcium
Figure 12 Dissolved Chloride
Figure 13 Total Chlorophyll a
Figure 14 Total Chromium
Figure 15 Total Cobalt
Figure 16 Fecal Coliforms
Figure 17 Colour (TAC)
Figure 18 Total Copper
Figure 19 E. Coli
Figure 20 Hardness
Figure 21 Total Iron
Figure 22 Total Lead
Figure 23 Magnesium
Figure 24 Total Manganese
Figure 25 Total Molybdenum
Figure 26 Total Nickel
Figure 27 Nitrogen (Ammonia)
Figure 28 Nitrogen (Kjeldahl)
Figure 29 Nitrogen (Nitrate/Nitrite)
Figure 30 pH
Figure 31 Total Phosphorus
Figure 32 Total Dissolved Phosphorus
Figure 33 Dissolved Ortho-phosphorus
Figure 34 Non-Filterable Residue
Figure 35 Total Selenium
Figure 36 Silica
Figure 37 Total Silver
Figure 38 Specific Conductivity
Figure 39 Total Strontium
Figure 40 Dissolved Sulphate
Figure 41 Total Tellurium
Figure 42 Total Thallium
Figure 43 Total Tin
Figure 44 Total Titanium
Figure 45 Turbidity
Figure 46 Total Vanadium
Figure 47 Total Zinc
Figure 48 Total Zirconium
6. References

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Canada Canada

Ministry of Environment,
Lands and Parks

Canada - British Columbia
Water Quality Monitoring Agreement

State of Water Quality of the
Bonaparte River near Mouth

Water Quality Section
Water Management Branch
Ministry of Environment, Lands and Parks

Monitoring and Systems Branch
Environment Canada
Pacific and Yukon Region

February, 1997


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