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The City of Revelstoke and surrounding regions are located in the interior of eastern British Columbia, approximately 220 km north from the Canadian - American international boundary. The drainage area for the Columbia River at Revelstoke is approximately 26,700 km2 (Figure 1).

The Revelstoke Dam, located five km upstream from the City, was completed in 1984. The result is a reservoir called Lake Revelstoke and the ability to produce more electrical energy for the province of British Columbia. The Mica Dam is located 130 km north from the Revelstoke Dam, and is the tallest dam in B.C. at 196.6 m. It became operational in 1973 and regulates the majority of the flow into Lake Revelstoke. The drainage area for the reservoir (Kinbasket Lake - volume of 24,423,000 m3) behind Mica Dam is approximately 21,000 km2.

There are no major tributaries to the Columbia River between Mica and Revelstoke dams. Several smaller tributaries and the Goldstream River drain approximately 6,000 km2, representing 22% of the drainage area of the Columbia River at Revelstoke.

There are three permitted sources of wastewater discharges in the Revelstoke area (Figure 2). These smaller discharges include the City of Revelstoke (PE 2147) and Queen Victoria Hospital (PE 250), which discharge downstream from the water quality site at Revelstoke, and Bethlehem Resources Corporation (PE 6168), which operated a copper/zinc mine and milling facility on the Goldstream River, a tributary of the Columbia River above Revelstoke. There were two permitted discharges within this operation, which discharged to a settling pond and a ground water collection system. The permit limited the discharge of dissolved cadmium (0.01 mg/L), dissolved copper (0.05 mg/L), dissolved iron (0.30 mg/L), dissolved lead (0.05 mg/L), dissolved zinc (0.20 mg/L), and total suspended solids (25 mg/L). The mine was closed in January 1996 (McDonald, 1996).

This report assesses nine years of data from the Ministry of Environment, Lands and Parks (1987-95) and twelve years of Environment Canada data (1984-95). The provincial EMS station number is E206579 and the federal ENVIRODAT site number is BC08ND0002 (Figure 2). Water quality data are plotted in Figures 3 to 49.

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