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The Unuk River is located in northwest British Columbia. The river flows southwest, across the Alaska border and into the Pacific Ocean. There are no major tributaries flowing into the Unuk. The Unuk River is under ice from October to April.

The water quality monitoring station is located 3 km upstream from the Alaska border and 65 km northwest of Stewart, B.C. The Eskay Creek Mine (Homestake) discharges into Ketchum Creek, which flows into the Unuk River near the northern part of the watershed. Some mining at the Sulphurets property near the headwaters of Sulphurets Creek has commenced recently. The Unuk River is important for both commercial and sport fishing, with the majority of fish found in the Alaskan portion of the river.

Data for this report are from bi-monthly sampling by Environment Canada between 1991 and 1993 and are stored under ENVIRODAT station number BC08DD0001. The water quality indicators are plotted in Figures 3 to 47. Water Survey of Canada operated a flow gauge (site number BC08DD001) at the water quality monitoring station. The drainage area at the flow station is 1480 km2. Flow data are graphed in Figure 2. Water quality monitoring was terminated in October, 1993 due to the termination of flow monitoring (water quality samples were collected by the hydrometric technicians).

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