Ministry of Environment

Wildlife Habitat Ratings Data Warehouse

TEM (Terrestrial Ecosystem Mapping) and WHR warehouse files are in the same location. If you would like more information on TEM click here.

Proviso: All project rating tables in the data warehouse are in draft form.

Project ratings tables have been reviewed to ensure they follow the standard formats and codes stipulated in BC Wildlife Habitat Rating Standards (RIC[now RISC]1999) and BC Wildlife Habitat Rating Technical Standards (RIC 2000)

The actual values of the ratings have not been correlated or reviewed in detail.

There has been no correlation at this time to resolve issues such as, for example, whether or not the same ecosystems in two different projects have been rated consistently.

Users of these ratings tables should contact the regional wildlife biologist or wildlife habitat inventory specialist if they have any questions about appropriate applications of project wildlife habitat ratings data.

Always include all the relevant species accounts in a project when downloading and distributing the project ratings tables. Ratings tables and resultant habitat capability and suitability maps are of limited value without the rationale for ratings documented in the species accounts.

The WHR data is located in the wildlife folder of each project in the TEM and PEM warehouse pages.

If you would like a listing of the example provincial-level species accounts by region click here.