Ministry of Environment

Support Tools and Applications

Three software tools have been developed to facilitate the process of generating interpreted themes from TEM and PEM products. These software tools comprise the Ecosystem-based Resource Mapping (ERM) System and are described and available below.

  1. A ratings table tool has been developed to assist biologists in developing wildlife habitat ratings tables. This tool ensures that data is captured and stored according to the BC Wildlife Habitat Rating Standards and thus will be accessible through the provincial data warehouse.
  2. A modeling tool has been developed to assist biologists in populating ratings tables. It provides definitions, concepts, and structure to document the decisions and automate the process. Users of this modeling tool are cautioned that currently there are no standards describing how this tool must be used. However, the user's guide provides a rigorous method.
  3. A mapping tool has been developed to apply the ratings to an ecosystem map. Users of this mapping tool are cautioned that there are no standards for mapping wildlife habitat ratings.

Both the ratings table tool and the mapping tool have been developed for two platforms: (1)ArcView and desktop, and (2) ArcINFO Workstation. The ArcINFO workstation tools tend to have less functionality.

Tools for ArcView 3.2 and desktop

Creating and Manipulating Ratings Tables, Data Validation

Populating Ratings Tables


Tools for ArcINFO Workstation

Data Capture, Creating Ratings Table


A data capture and reporting application for the Wildlife Habitat Assessment Form(FS882(5))