Ministry of Environment

User's Guide For TEM_WHM.AML


Two Arc Macro Language (AML) scripts are available to facilitate the generation of map products from Terrestrial Ecosystem Mapping (TEM) spatial data, TEM database, and associated ratings tables. Specific methodologies for TEM are discussed in Standards for Terrestrial Ecosystem Mapping in British Columbia (RIC[now RISC], 1998a), and methods for developing wildlife ratings are discussed in British Columbia Wildlife Habitat Rating Standards (RIC 1999).

The first script, tem_whr (TEM Wildlife Habitat Ratings), assists in managing ratings tables and scheme files. The second script, tem_whm (TEM Wildlife Habitat Mapping), uses ratings tables and scheme files, TEM spatial data, and a TEM database, to assists in generating map products. This user’s guide describes tem_whm.

Tem_whm was primarily designed to generate wildlife habitat capability and suitability maps based upon a TEM coverage. In addition, based upon other rating schemes (ex. minimum stocking density), other map products can be generated if an appropriate scheme file is provided.

The map products generated by tem_whm are for display purposed only and are intended to guide land-use planning and management decisions. Management at the polygon level must use additional information found in polygon attribute databases.

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