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Incidental Observations of Wildlife

Starting February 2016, before submitting incidental observations you must confirm that the data conforms to government policy and legislation (open in new window).

British Columbia’s Natural Resource Sector would like to receive incidental observations of wildlife in the province. This includes healthy wild animals, fish, and plants, as well as sick, injured, or dead animals. Incidental observations are important because they help biologists identify the real life distribution of wild animals and plants but they are also valuable for understanding the distribution of animal health issues.
Observation information will be accessible by the Wildlife Species Inventory, BC Conservation Data Centre, BC Frogwatch, and BC Wildlife Health Programs.

How to enter information
The following fields are required at a minimum:

  • Location. There is a Google Maps tool in the form to help you zoom into the location of the observation. If you have the coordinates from a Global Positioning system (GPS), the standard geographic coordinate system is Universal Transverse Mercator (UTM) based on North American Datum (NAD) 83. If you have a UTM in NAD27, please indicate this in the Comments field.

  • Date of the observation.

  • Species. Click the “Select” button to search for the species. If you require assistance with identifying which species you observed, please email with a photo and your general location. A species specialist may contact you.

  • Number of individuals seen or heard. These are numeric fields, so if there were "several” enter an estimated or approximate number such as 5, 50, or 500.

There are lookup buttons beside some fields for selecting the appropriate values.
Fill in all the fields that you can, and attach any photos of the observation that might be helpful or interesting.

To launch the submission form click the Start button