Ministry of Labour and Citizens' Services

Data Quality

Species Inventory Database standards exist so that project information can be successfully loaded into the database. We do not provide quality assurance/quality control of field work. It is the data users’ responsibility to investigate the appropriateness of the data and information for their purposes by reading the project information on the Species Inventory Web Explorer including project files, and by reading the metadata record(s) for the various Wildlife Species Inventory data layers available from the DataBC Catalogue

After the data and information have been formatted and uploaded into the database, the only quality assurance that occurs from that point on are when errors or omissions are discovered then corrections to project data and information are made. We also occasionally add notes to a project explaining cautions and limitations of data. The lack of such notes does not assure the quality of the work.

We do participate in periodic audits and we provide reports to the agencies indicating which projects have been submitted to us each year.

When we report to supporting organizations, we indicate:

  • whether all required components of a project have been submitted (reports and data)
  • the loading status of the project (we presently have a data loading backlog so some lower priority projects may not be loaded)
  • whether a project dataset was successfully loaded into the database or whether it failed to load because it was non-standard or had errors.