Biodiversity & Conservation

Biodiversity conservation programs in the Ministry of Environment work toward maintaining the diversity and abundance of native species and habitats throughout British Columbia. Activities include:

Red bullet
providing information and scientific expertise on species and populations:


Blue bullet endangered species (e.g.,Vancouver Island marmot)
Blue bullet red- and blue-listed species
Blue bullet small mammals - e.g., see our Identification Manual to the Small Mammals of British Columbia
Blue bullet amphibians
Blue bullet reptiles
Blue bullet birds
Blue bullet large carnivores
Blue bullet furbearers
Blue bullet ungulates
Red bullet conducting and coordinating research in:
  Blue bullet species and ecosystems at risk
Blue bullet sensitive species
Blue bullet wildlife health
Blue bullet ecosystem health
biologist examining a sedated wolverine
Wildlife biologist examining sedated wolverine.
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developing strategies to protect the natural diversity of B.C., e.g., B.C. Biodiversity Strategy; Mountain Caribou Conservation Strategy; Wildlife Harvest Strategy; and Identified Wildlife Management Strategy;
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participating on and/or leading recovery planning for species and ecosystems at risk;
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regularly communicating, cooperating and developing partnerships with regional staff, other agencies, organizations and the public to maintain native species and their habitats (e.g., BC Frogwatch, and stewardship programs such as Heron Stewardship) and to provide program objectivity and consistency province-wide;
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coordinating and administering acquisition of land critical for wildlife, securing important habitat through the establishment of Wildlife Management Areas (WMAs - 22 presently approved, total area in BC = 231,516 ha, more info), Land Act Reserves, and Wildlife Habitat Areas (view a complete list of approved WHAs);
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participating in and providing wildlife and wildlife value information for land use planning processes and practices, and environmental assessments and impact reporting; and
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coordinating Branch planning for access management and habitat protection.
marble murrelet
Species and ecosystems inventory activities are periodically carried out by the Ministry of Environment. Part of MoE is the B.C. Conservation Data Centre, which inventories and tracks species and ecosystems (elements) at risk in British Columbia.