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Biodiversity Publications Catalogue

Preface and Background

British Columbia, Canada’s most westerly province, has a bounty of biological diversity. Snowclad peaks, rain-drenched forests, arid grasslands, all sizes of rivers, lakes, and wetlands, and a long and rugged coast provide habitats for more species of living organisms than are found anywhere else in Canada. However, this very diversity means that there is much to be discovered about these organisms — their distribution, abundance, habitat requirements, and interrelationships with their environment. Increasing our knowledge of this biodiversity will help us with the complex task of sustainably managing our land and waters.

In 1992, the provincial government initiated a co-operative biodiversity research program with funding from the Corporate Resource Inventory Initiative; the Ministry of Environment, Lands and Parks (Wildlife and Habitat Protection Branches); the Ministry of Forests (Research Branch); the Ministry of Small Business, Tourism and Culture (Royal B.C. Museum); and the Forest Resource Development Agreement (FRDA II).

In 1995, the Ministry of Forests Research Branch and the Ministry of Environment, Lands and Parks developed a biodiversity research and extension strategy with the assistance of the provincial research community. This strategy was presented to Forest Renewal BC, who provided funding for a program beginning in 1995. The goal of the extension component of this program is to extend information to scientists, resource managers, and the public through biodiversity publications. These publications are intended to increase awareness and understanding of biodiversity, promote the concepts and importance of conserving biodiversity, and communicate provincial government initiatives related to biodiversity. We hope that they will be used as tools for the conservation of British Columbia's rich, living legacy.

Providing project guidance and technical reviews were committee members Evelyn Hamilton and Patrick Daigle (MoF, Research Program), Susanne Barker and Paul Nystedt (MoF, Technical Communications), Dave Fraser and Gail Harcombe (MoELP, Wildlife Branch), Andrew Harcombe (MoELP, Resource Inventory Branch), and Gerry Truscott and Peter Newroth (RBCM). Anna Gamble created the original catalogue design.

Publications are grouped under broad subject headings, with a brief description and ordering information for each. Prices listed are subject to change without notice, and, in some cases, discounts may apply.Order Print Catalogues from Biodiversity Information Requests or from:

Government Publications Services
2nd Floor, 563 Superior Street
Victoria, BC V8W 9V7

We welcome your feedback on the catalogue. Please email us with your comments. or

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