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Biodiversity Publications Catalogue

Title Index

Index of publications by title. Individual publications are listed first, followed by series, in alphabetical order.


Individual Publications

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Abundance, Distribution and Conservation of Birds in the Vicinity of Boundary Bay, B.C.

Access Near Aquatic Areas: A Guide to Sensitive Planning, Design and Management

Adopt Me ... and Help Save a Species from Extinction

Adult Steelhead Population Size and Salmonid Migrants of the Keogh River During the Spring, 1990

Age and Growth of Steelhead in Vancouver Island Populations

The Amphibians of British Columbia

The Amphibians of British Columbia: A Taxonomic Catalogue

Amphibians, Reptiles, Birds and Mammals Not at Risk in British Columbia

Analysis of Livestock Use of Riparian Areas: Literature Review and Research Needs Assessment for British Columbia

Animal Tracks and How to Know Them

Antique Forests and Epiphytic Macrolichens in the Kispiox Valley

Application of the Large Lakes Kokanee Model to Five Management Problems in British Columbia

Application of Useable Habitat Assessments of Adjust Modelled Estimates of the Carrying Capacity of Trout Streams

Applied Landscape Ecology: A Summary of Approaches

Approaches to Maintaining Biological Diversity in British Columbia’s Forests: An Introduction for Resource Managers

Arriving at Remedial Measures: Rangeland Health Brochure 2

Assessing Range and Riparian Areas: Rangeland Health

Autecology of Common Plants in British Columbia: A Literature Review

Avian Diversity in Relation to Logging in the Coastal Rainforests of British Columbia

B Return to Top

Backcountry Recreation and Mountain Goats: a Proposed Research and Adaptive Management Plan

Backyard Biodiversity and Beyond (grades 4—8)

Bat Research in the West Arm Demonstration Forest

Bats and Forests Symposium

Bats and Trees

Bats in British Columbia (Brochure)

Bats of British Columbia (Book)

The BC Fisheries Strategy: Discussion Paper

BC Grasslands Stewardship Guide — A Guide for Ranchers and Recreation Users

The Beaver

A Bibliography of British Columbia Ornithology, Vol. 2

A Bibliography of Selected Literature on Wildlife Trees with Annotations and Abstracts

Biodiversity and Forest Management in the Prince Rupert Forest Region: A Discussion Paper

Biodiversity and Interior Habitats: The Need to Minimize Edge Effects

Biodiversity Facts

Biodiversity in British Columbia

Biodiversity in British Columbia: Our Changing Environment

Biogeoclimatic Ecosystem Classification

Biogeoclimatic Zones of British Columbia 1997

Biogeoclimatic Zones of British Columbia 1999

Biophysical Analysis of the Sheep Mountain Wildlife Area

Biophysical Habitat Units and Interpretations for Moose Use of the Upper Cariboo River Wildlife Management Area

Biophysical Habitat Units for the Tatlayoko Lake Study Area: Expanded Legend and Interpretations

Bird Feathers: An Activity Guide about the Songbirds of British Columbia

Bird Use of a Patch Retention Treatment in SBSmc Forests

Birds – A Virtual Exhibition. The Grace Bell Collection

The Birds of British Columbia: A Taxonomic Catalogue

Botanical Forest Products in British Columbia: An Overview

Breeding Bird Communities and Habitat Associations in the Grasslands of the Chilcotin Region, British Columbia

Breeding Bird Communities in Aspen Forests of the Sub-Boreal Spruce (dk subzone) in the Prince Rupert Forest Region

British Columbia Estuary Mapping System, Version 1.0

British Columbia Terrestrial and Freshwater Invertebrates: Inventory Priorities for and Status of Rare and Endangered Species

British Columbia Wildlife Habitat Rating Standards, Version 2.0

Broadleaved Trees, Unsung Component of British Columbia’s Forests — Their Role in Forest Ecosystems

Bromus L. of North America

Brooks Peninsula–An Ice Age Refugium on Vancouver Island

Broom: Putting it in its Place

Bryophytes of British Columbia: Rare Species and Priorities for Inventory

Bull Trout Spawning and Rearing Habitat Requirements: Summary of the Literature

Buttercups, Waterlilies and their Relatives in British Columbia

Butterflies of British Columbia

C Return to Top

Canada-British Columbia Agreement on the Management of Pacific Salmon Fishery Issues

Caribou Habitat Use in the Chelaslie River Migration Corridor and Recommendations for Management

Caribou Research and Management in BC: Proceedings of a Workshop

Carnation Creek and Queen Charlotte Islands Fish/ Forestry Workshop: Applying 20 Years of Coastal Research to Management Solutions

Case Study: Establishing Wildlife Tree Patches in an Operational Setting

Case Study: Patch Cutting in Old Growth to Address Concerns about Wildlife Habitat and Clearcut Adjacency

Case Study: Patch-Cutting in Old-growth to Maintain Early Winter Caribou Habitat

Catkin-bearing Plants of British Columbia

Causes of Bighorn Sheep Mortality and Dieoffs--A Literature Review

Channel Disturbances and Logging Slash in S5 and S6: An Examination of Streams in the Nitinat Lake Area, Southwest Vancouver Island

Characterizing Old Growth and Strategies for Old Growth Management in the Sub Boreal Spruce Zone

Chipmunks (Tamias) of the Kootenay Region, British Columbia: Results of 1997 Field Studies

A Close Look at Wildlife Trees

Clumpy Spacing: Juvenile Spacing Douglas-fir into Clumps to Imitate Natural Stand Structure

Coastal Montane Biodiversity Project Overview: A Comprehensive Study of Biodiversity in the High Elevation Forests of Coastal British Columbia

Common Insects and Diseases of Coastal Douglas Fir

Community Greenways: Linking Communities to Country and People to Nature

Comparing Silvicultural Systems in a Coastal Montane Forest: Productivity and Cost of Harvesting Operations

A Comparison of the Breeding Bird Communities in Seral Stages of the Engelmann Spruce — Subalpine Fir Zone in East Central B.C.

Completing the Picture–Managing and Conserving Biodiversity through Landscape Unit Planning


Conservation Biology Principles for Forested Landscapes

Conservation of Grizzly Bears in British Columbia: Background Report

Cooperative Greenway Land Development: A Case Study

Critical Habitat of Caribou (Rangifer tarandus) in the Mountains of Southern British Columbia

CWD and Wildlife Tree Bibliography

D Return to Top

Database for Wildlife Diversity in British Columbia: Distribution and Habitat Use of Amphibians, Reptiles, Birds, and Mammals in Biogeoclimatic Zones

The Date Creek Silvicultural Systems Study in the Interior Cedar-Hemlock Forests of Northwestern British Columbia: Overview and Treatment Summaries

Dealing with Complex Polygon Attributes as PEM Input

Deep Time and Ancient Life in the Columbia Basin

Deer and Elk Habitat in Coastal Forests of Southern British Columbia

Demonstration of Alternative Silvicultural Systems for Lodgepole Pine

Directory of Experts in the Identification of British Columbia Species

Dispersal and Colonization of Arboreal Forage Lichens in Young Forests

Distribution and Abundance of Four Species of Small Mammals at Risk in a Fragmented Landscape

The Distribution, Abundance, and Habitat Requirements of Selected Passerine Birds of the Boreal and Taiga Plains of British Columbia

The Dragonflies of the Columbia Basin

E Return to Top

The Early History of Woodland Caribou (Rangifer tarandus caribou) in British Columbia

East Kootenay Northern Leopard Frog Project

EcoGen: A Model for Predictive Ecosystem Mapping

Ecological Comparisons Between Wildfire and Logging – The East Kootenay Songbird Project: Interim Report

Ecological Interrelationships of Three toed Woodpeckers with Bark Beetles and Pine Trees

The Ecological Role of Coarse Woody Debris: An Overview of the Ecological Importance of CWD in B.C. Forests

Ecological Roles of Sitka Alder in a Young Lodgepole Pine Stand

The Ecological Roles of Wildlife Tree Users in Forest Ecosystems

Ecology and Management of B.C. Hardwoods

Ecology and Management of Paper Birch and Black Cottonwood in Southern British Columbia

Ecology and Silviculture of Bigleaf Maple

Ecology and Silviculture of Interior Spruce in British Columbia

Ecology of Wetland Ecosystems

Ecology of Woodland Caribou in Wells Gray Provincial Park

Ecosystem Management of Forest Landscapes: Directions and Implementations

Ecosystems of British Columbia

EcoZine, Issues 1—5 (grades 10—12)

Ectomycorrhizal Diversity of Paper Birch and Douglas-fir Seedlings Grown in Single species and Mixed Plots in the ICH Zone of Southern British Columbia

Effect of Refuge Trees on a Paper Birch Ectomycorrhiza Community

Effects of Disturbance on Terrestrial Amphibians in Three Biogeoclimatic Zones

Effects of Forest Practices on Stream Temperatures

The Effects of Harvesting, Fishing, Climate Variation, and Ocean Conditions on Salmonid Populations of Carnation Creek, Vancouver Island, British Columbia

Effects of Silviculture Systems on Arthropod Community Structure: Contrasting Clearcut and Patch Retention Harvests in High Elevation Forests

Effects of Size at Release in Rainbow Trout (Salmo gairdneri) Stocked in a Winterkill Lake

The Effects of Snowmobiling on Winter Range Use by Mountain Caribou

The Effects of Timber Harvesting on Mushrooms and Mycorrhizae of the Date Creek Research Forest

Effects of Wolf Predation on Recruitment in Black-tailed Deer on Northeastern Vancouver Island

Electrically-triggered Drop Net to Capture Wild Sheep

Endangered Species and Spaces

Endangered Species in Endangered Spaces

Enhancing Biodiversity Through Partial Cutting

Environmental Trends in British Columbia 1998

Estimating the Abundance of Arboreal Forage Lichens

Estimating the Abundance of Arboreal Forage Lichens: User’s Guide

Estimating Thermal Environments for Mule Deer (Odocoileus hemionus hemionus)

Eulachon: A Significant Fish for First Nations Communities

An Evaluation of Adaptive Management and Minimal Sampling Techniques for Optimizing Rainbow Trout Stocking Rates

Evaluation of Biodiversity Publications: A Survey of Users

Evaluation of Extension Notes on Landscape Ecology: A Survey of Ministry of Forests Planners

Evaluation of Health Status of Rocky Mountain Sheep (Ovis canadensis canadensis) in Southeastern British Columbia

Experimental Harvesting of Dry-belt Douglas-fir on a Mule Deer Winter Range at Knife Creek

F Return to Top

Fall-down Rates of Subalpine Fir Snags at Sicamous Creek: Implications for Worker Safety and Habitat Supply

Field Manual for Describing Terrestrial Ecosystems

Field Studies of Seed Biology

Fire in the Dry Interior Forests of British Columbia

Fire in the Dry Interior Forests of British Columbia

Fire-maintained Ecosystems and the Effects of Forest Ingrowth

Firewood–or Wildlife Tree?

Fish Base CD-ROM

Fish Bathymetric Standards for Lake Inventories: Fish and Fish Habitat, Version 2.0

Fish Collection Methods and Standards, version 4.0

Fish Distribution, Diversity, and Habitat Use in the Similkameen Watershed

The Fish Protection Act

A Fisher Management Strategy

Fishery Development in Barren, Winterkill Lakes

Food Habits of Wild Ungulates in British Columbia; Biography and Plant Synopsis

Forage Litterfall in Douglas-fir Forests in the Central Interior of British Columbia

Forest and Range Management Impacts on Water Quality Bibliography

Forest Harvesting: Following Nature’s Lead

Forest Mushrooms

Forest Practices Code Guidebooks

Forests in Focus (grades k—12)

Forestry-related Research Needs for Managing B.C.’s Freshwater Fish Diversity

A Framework for Wild Stock Management of Rainbow Trout in Small B.C. Lakes

Freshwater Fishes of the Columbia Basin

From Science to Management and Back: A Science Forum for Southern Interior Ecosystems in British Columbia

A Future for the Grizzly

A Future for the Grizzly: British Columbia Grizzly Bear Conservation Strategy

G Return to Top

Genes, Trees and Forests

Goals and Objectives for Strategic Planning

Gorse: The Spiny Competitor

Grasses of the Columbia Basin of British Columbia

Grizzly Bear Habitat of the Flathead River Area: Expanded Legend

Ground Truth Studies Teacher Handbook (grades 11—12)

Group Selection Systems for High-elevation Forests in the Cariboo Forest Region

A Guide to Backyard Water Conservation — How to Create Water Thrifty Gardens through the Use of Native Plants

A Guide to the Biology and Use of Forest Tree Seeds

Guide to Writing Resource Objectives and Strategies

Guidelines for Maintaining Biodiversity During Juvenile Spacing

H Return to Top

Habitat Relationships of Mule Deer in the Interior Douglas-fir Zone of Central BC: Problem Analysis

Habitat Supply Modeling Survey Project Summary

Habitat Survey of the Mackenzie Heritage Trail Corridor

Habitat Uses and Population Status of Woodland Caribou in the Quesnel Highlands, British Columbia

Handbook for Timber and Mule Deer Management Coordination on Winter Ranges in the Cariboo Forest Region

Harvesting Edible Wild Mushrooms in British Columbia

Historic Disturbance Rates for Interior Biogeoclimatic Subzones of the Prince Rupert Forest Region

Historical Fire Regime at the Pothole Creek Interior Douglas-fir Research Site

Hoofed Mammals of British Columbia

How Much Habitat Is Enough?–Assessing the Risk

I Return to Top

Identification Guide to the Nymphal Mayflies (Order Ephemeroptera) of British Columbia

Identified Wildlife Management Strategy – Managing Identified Wildlife: Procedures and Measures: Volume 1

Illustrated Keys to the Identification of the Birds of Prey of British Columbia

Impacts of Backcountry Recreation Activities on Mountain Caribou

Impacts of a Hydro-electric Reservoir on Populations of Caribou and Grizzly Bear in Southern British Columbia

Impacts of Forest Harvesting on Lake Ecosystems: A Preliminary Literature Review

Impacts of Harvesting on Habitat Use by Foraging Bats

Impacts of Partial Cutting on Old Growth Forests in the Rocky Mountain Trench: Interim Report

Impacts of Spring and Summer Logging on Cavity-nesting Vertebrates

Impaired School Formation at Low Density: A Mechanism for Depensatory Mortality in Sockeye Salmon

Initiatives for the Conservation of Biodiversity in British Columbia

Integrating Lichen Enhancement with Programs for Winter Range Creation. Part 1: Stand-Lichen Model

Introduction to Attribute Selection in PEM

An Introduction to the Ecoregions of British Columbia

Inventory and Preliminary Habitat Relationships of Forest Songbirds and Other Vertebrates in the Tofino Creek Watershed, Vancouver Island, British Columbia

Inventory of Lewis’s Woodpecker Breeding Population and Habitat in the East Kootenay

Inventory Needs for including the Maintenance of Biodiversity in Planning: The Results of Province-wide Interviews

K Return to Top

Key to Species of Freshwater Calanoid Copepods

Khutzeymateen Valley Grizzly Bear Study: Final Report

KidZone Biodiversity

The Kokanee Salmon Heritage Project

L Return to Top

La Biodiversite Chez Soi et Ailleurs (grades 4—8)

Landowner Contact Guide for British Columbia

Landscape Analysis and Design

Landscape Ecology and Connectivity

Landscape Ecology and Natural Disturbances: Relationships to Biodiversity

Landscape Ecology, Ecosystem Management and Landscape Design: Theory and Application to Forest Planning

Le Livre des Arbres

Lessons from Wildfire: Managing the Pattern of Forest Harvest

The Lichens of British Columbia: Illustrated Keys–Part 1: Foliose and Squamulose Species

Lichens of British Columbia, Illustrated Keys. Part 2, Fruticose Species

Lichens of British Columbia: Rare Species and Priorities for Inventory

Logging on Mule Deer Winter Range: A Guide for Loggers

Long-term Data Collection on Kokanee from Large Lakes: Does it Make Sense?

A Lynx Management Strategy for British Columbia

M Return to Top

Macrofungi of British Columbia: Requirements for Inventory

Maintaining a Species Tapestry: A Plan for the Conservation of Genetic Diversity in British Columbia Rainbow Trout, Oncorhynchus mykiss

The Mammals of British Columbia: A Taxonomic Catalogue

Management Concepts for Landscape Ecology

Management of Sitka Alder and Willow: A Strategy to Minimize Loss of Habitat and Maximize Benefits to Long Term Soil Productivity

Management Plan for Wood Bison in British Columbia

Management Strategy and Options for the Tweedsmuir-Entiako Caribou Winter Range

Managing for Bears in Forested Environments

Managing Forests for Lichens: The Mountain Caribou Issue

Managing the Dry Douglas-fir Forests in the Cariboo Forest Region: Workshop Proceedings

Managing Young Forests as Black-tailed Deer Winter Ranges

A Manual of Concise Descriptions of North American Ectomycorrhizae: Including Microscopic and Molecular Characterization

Marten in British Columbia with Implications for Forest Management

Marten Use of Different Harvesting Treatments in High-elevation Forest at Sicamous Creek

A Method for Large-Scale Biogeoclimatic Mapping in British Columbia. Version 1.0

A Methodology for Grizzly Bear Habitat Assessment in British Columbia

Modelling the Dynamics of Dead Trees in TASS and WinTIPSY

Monitoring Forest Birds by Migration Counts in the Columbia Basin

Monitoring Steelhead Trout at the Keogh River as an Index of Stock Status and Smolt-to-adult Survival: Correlations with other Sources

Moose Antlers

More Accurate Biogeoclimatic Maps for the Arrow and Columbia Forest Districts in the Nelson Forest Region, British Columbia

Mountain Caribou in Managed Forests: Preliminary Recommendations for Managers

Mountain Caribou in Managed Forests: Recommendations for Managers — Second Edition

Movements and Habitats of Caribou in the Mountains of British Columbia

Mule Deer Response to Low-volume Partial Cutting on Winter Ranges in Central Interior British Columbia

Mushroom Harvesting in the Cariboo Forest Region

N Return to Top

Natural and Managed Disturbance Patterns: Implications for Biodiversity Management in the Interior Douglas-fir Zone

Natural Areas of the South Okanagan and Lower Similkameen: A National Treasure

Natural Disturbance Ecology

Natural History – A Compendium of Environmental and Resource Information

Naturescaping at Home

Nest Tree Selection by Primary Cavity-nesting Birds in South-central British Columbia

Nesting Habit of the Marbled Murrelets on the Sunshine Coast

New Concepts in Ecosystem Management: Videos and Presenter’s Manual

O Return to Top

Of Mites and Men... and Springtails

Opossums, Shrews and Moles of British Columbia

Osprey in the West Kootenay

Our Living Legacy: Proceedings of a Symposium on Biological Diversity

Overview Fish and Fish Habitat Inventory Methodology, Version 1.0

Overview of Landscape Processes, Wildlife and Fisheries Linkages, and Operational Applications

P Return to Top

PARTCUTS: A Computerized Annotated Bibliography of Partial-Cutting Methods in the Pacific Northwest (1995 Update)

Partial Cutting Options in Hemlock-Dominated Stands in Southeastern British Columbia: The Selkirk College Woodlot Experience

Pend d'Oreille Butterfly Survey

Perspectives on Inventory of Caribou in British Columbia

Pine Mushroom Habitat in the Prince Rupert Forest Region

Plant Collecting for the Amateur

Plant Indicator Guide for Northern British Columbia: Boreal, Sub-Boreal, and Subalpine Biogeoclimatic Zones (BWBS, SBS, SBPS, and Northern ESSF)

Plant Technology of First Peoples in British Columbia

Pondweeds and Bur-reeds, and their Relatives, of British Columbia

A Population Assessment and Stocking Evaluation of Rainbow Trout in the Sumallo River

Predator Habitat Enhancement as a Strategy for Managing Small Mammal Damage in B.C. Forests: A Problem Analysis

A Preliminary Study of the Role of Sockeye Salmon (Onchorhynchus nerka) Carcasses as Carbon and Nitrogen Sources for Benthic Insects and Fishes in the “Early Stuart” Stock Spawning Streams

Principles of Patch Retention Harvesting

Problem Analysis for Chilcotin-Cariboo Grassland Biodiversity

Problem Analysis of Integrated Resource Management of Riparian Areas in British Columbia

Procedures for Environmental Monitoring in Range and Wildlife Habitat Management

Proceedings of a Conference on the Biology and Management of Species and Habitats at Risk, Kamloops, B.C.,15-19 Feb.,1999

Proceedings of a Workshop on Structure, Process, and Diversity in Successional Forests of Coastal British Columbia

Proceedings of the Cedar Symposium: Growing Western Red Cedar and Yellow-cypress on the Queen Charlotte Islands/Haida Gwaii

Proceedings of the Forest Ecosystem Dynamics Workshop

Progress Report on Group Selection Systems for High Elevation Forests in the Cariboo Forest Region

Project WET (grades k—12)

Project WILD Activity Guide (grades k—12)

The Projected Impacts of Different Biodiversity Emphasis Options on Some Forest Bird Species in the Sub-Boreal Spruce (SBS) Zone

Protected Areas: Preserving our Future (grades 4—10)

A Protected Areas Strategy for British Columbia

Protected Areas Strategy Update

A Protocol for Accuracy Assessment of Ecosystem Mapping in B.C.

Provincial Wildlife Strategy to 2001: Maintaining British Columbia’s Wildlife Heritage

Provincial Wildlife Tree Policy and Management Recommendations

Public Conservation Assistance Fund

Q Return to Top

Quantifying Arboreal Lichens for Habitat Management: A Review of Methods

Quantifying Stock Diversity of Rainbow Trout

R Return to Top

Rainbow Trout Broodstocks for Coarse Fish Lakes

Rare Amphibians, Reptiles and Mammals of British Columbia

Rare and Endemic Vascular Plants of Gwaii Haanas (South Moresby) Park, Queen Charlotte Islands, British Columbia

Rare Birds of British Columbia

Rare Bryophytes, Macrofungi, and Lichens of British Columbia

Rare Freshwater Fish of British Columbia

Rare Native Vascular Plants of British Columbia

Reconnaissance (1: 20 000) Fish and Fish Habitat Inventory: Standards and Procedures, Version 2.0

Regenerating Boreal Mixedwoods: Initial Results of a Group Shelterwood Silviculture System in Trembling Aspen-White Spruce Stands

Reptiles and Amphibians in the Columbia Basin

The Reptiles of British Columbia

The Reptiles of British Columbia: A Taxonomic Catalogue

Research Priorities for Furbearers in British Columbia

Residual Trees Left by Fire: Final Report

Response of amphibians to partial cutting in the Roberts Creek Study Forest, and management practices for retaining amphibian habitats in the Vancouver Forest Region.

A Review of Bull Trout (Salvelinus confluents) Life-history and Habitat Use in Relation to Compensation and Improvement Opportunities

A Review of Management and Enhancement Options for the Arctic Grayling (Thymallus arcticus) with Special Reference to the Williston Reservoir Watershed in British Columbia

A Review of the Ecology, Management and Conservation of the Northern Goshawk in British Columbia

Riparian Areas: Providing Landscape Habitat Diversity

Riparian Ecosystems Research Program Newsletters

Riparian Ecosystems Research Program: Executive Summary

Riparian Management Area Guidebook

Riparian Management and the Tailed Frog in Northern Coastal Forests

Riparian Management in British Columbia: An Important Step Towards Maintaining Biodiversity

Riverine Birds: Harlequin Duck, Belted Kingfisher and American Dipper, version 2.0

Roberts Creek Study Forest: Demonstration Shelterwood Block, Harvesting, Stand Structure, and Regeneration Summary

Roberts Creek Study Forest: The Effects on Shelterwood Harvesting and Blowdown on Sediment Production in a Small Zero Order

Robert Creek Study Forest: Forest Fungi and Alternative Silviculture Systems

Roberts Creek Study Forest: Windthrow and Conifer Regeneration Within Three Alternative Silviculture Systems in Douglas-Fir Dominated Forests on the Sunshine Coast: 3rd Year Results.

Rocky Mountain Trench Ecosystem Restoration: Interim Report

The Role of Macrohabitat Variables and Temperature in Defining the Range of Bull Trout

Rotten Luck: The Role of Downed Wood in Ecosystems

S Return to Top

A Salmon of the Mountains – The Story of the Kokanee and its Bioregion

Saving Berries for the Bears

Sea Cucumbers of British Columbia, Southeast Alaska and Puget Sound

Sea Stars of British Columbia, Southeast Alaska and Puget Sound

Seasonal Movements, Habitat Use, and Winter Feeding Ecology of Woodland Caribou in West Central British Columbia

Selected Bibliography on Biodiversity

Seral Stages across Forested Landscapes: Relationships to Biodiversity

Shrub Burial by Snow Deposition in Immature Coastal Forests

Sicamous Creek Silvicultural Systems Project: Workshop Proceedings

Sicamous Creek Silvicultural Systems Research Project

Silvicultural Systems for Lodgepole Pine and Northern Caribou

Silvicultural Systems: Their Role in British Columbia’s Forest Management

The Silviculture of Hybrid Poplar Plantations

Silviculture of Temperate and Boreal Broadleaf-Conifer Mixtures

Silviculture Systems for Douglas-fir Stands on Very Deep Snowfall Mule Deer Winter Ranges

SIMFOR Habitat Analysis of Two FSSIM Harvest Scenarios in the Rocky Mountain Trench (Web Only)

Size Selective Predation by Rainbow Trout on two Lacustrine Onchorhynchus nerka Populations

Size-related Survival of Resident Salmonids from Time of Lake or River Entry: Evidence from the Literature and Scale Evaluations

Soil Biodiversity

Soil Ecosystems: Fungi

Soil Ecosystems: Invertebrates

Some Common Mosses of British Columbia

Spatial Patterns and Landscape Ecology: Implications for Biodiversity

Spatial Patterns in Forested Landscapes: Implications for Biology and Forestry

Species and Plant Community Accounts for Identified Wildlife: Volume 1

Stand Tending Impacts on Environmental Indicators

Standards for Predictive Ecosystem Mapping (PEM) Inventory Standard, Version 1.0

Standards for Terrestrial Ecosystem Mapping in British Columbia

Standards for Wildlife Habitat Capability and Suitability Ratings in British Columbia

State of the Environment for British Columbia Multimedia CD-ROM

State of the Environment Teacher’s Guide

Status and Management of Ermine on the Queen Charlotte Islands, British Columbia

Steller’s Jay

Stewardship Options: A Guide for Private Landowners in British Columbia

Structural Definitions for Management of Mule Deer Winter Range Habitat in the Interior Douglas-fir Zone

Study Designs for Evaluating the Effects of Forestry Activities on Aquatic-breeding Amphibians in Terrestrial Forest Habitats of British Columbia

A Summary of Western Yew Biology with Recommendations for its Management in British Columbia

Summer Daytime Microhabitat Use and Preference of Bull Trout Fry and Juveniles in the Chowade River, British Columbia

The Sunflower Family of British Columbia Vol. 2: Astereae, Anthemideae, Eupatorieae and Inuleae

A Survey of the Protected Status of Conifers in British Columbia: In situ Gene Conservation

Survival, Growth and Yield of Rainbow Trout (Oncorhynchus mykiss) in the Twin Lakes, Southwestern British Columbia, Prior to Lake Fertilization

T Return to Top

Techniques and Procedures for Collecting, Preserving, Processing, and Storing Botanical Specimens

Telemetric Investigations of Winter Steelhead in the Salmon River, Vancouver Island 1986

Terrestrial and Freshwater Invertebrates of British Columbia: Priorities for Inventory and Descriptive Research

Terrestrial Gastropods of the Columbia Basin, British Columbia

Testing Silvicultural Systems for the ESSF: Early Results of the Lucille Mountain Project

Thompson Ethnobotany

Timber-harvesting Effects on Riparian Wildlife and Vegetation in the Okanagan Highlands of British Columbia

Toward a Mountain Caribou Management Strategy for British Columbia — Background Report

Toward a Mountain Caribou Management Strategy for British Columbia — Habitat Requirements and Sub Population Status

Towards the Establishment of Predictive Ecosystem Mapping Standards: a White Paper, 1st Approximation

Tree Book

Trees and Shrubs of British Columbia

Tree Tales: Interactive Forest Science Computer Program Teacher’s Guide & CD-ROM (grades 4—7)

Tree Wounding and Partial-cut Harvesting: A Literature Review for British Columbia

Type Specimens of Animals and Plants in the Collection of the Royal British Columbia Museum

Types of Wildlife Trees and Coarse Woody Debris Required by Wildlife of North-Central British Columbia

U Return to Top

Upper Penticton Creek Watershed Experiment

Use of Paper Birch by Cavity Nesters in the Southern Interior of British Columbia

Use of Wildlife Tree Patches by Forest Birds in the Sub-Boreal Spruce (SBS) Zone

Using Line Intersect Sampling for Coarse Woody Debris

V Return to Top

Value of Riparian Forest Buffers as Habitat for Birds in the Coastal Western Hemlock Zone, British Columbia: a Pilot Study

Vancouver Island Marmot Bones from Subalpine Caves: Archaeological and Biological Significance

Vancouver Island Roosevelt Elk/Intensive Forestry Interaction-—1981–1986

Vegetation Development After Clearcutting and Site Preparation in the SBS Zone

Vegetation Resource Inventory Ground Sampling Procedures, Version 4.4 and Appendices

Vegetation Resources of Vancouver Island

W Return to Top

Water for Tomorrow: A Guide to Water Stewardship in the Howe Sound Basin

Water Stewardship (grades k—12)

Watershed Stewardship: A Guide for Agriculture

Why Do Partial Cutting?

Wild Sheep of North America – North of the 49th (grades k—12)

Wildflowers of the Southern Interior of British Columbia and Adjacent Parts of Washington, Idaho and Montana

Wildlife Diversity in British Columbia

Wildlife Diversity in Managed High-elevation Forests

Wildlife Tree Management in British Columbia

Wildlife Tree/Stand-level Biodiversity Workshop Proceedings

Wildlife Trees and Dangerous Trees: Identification and Management

Wildlife Trees and their Use by Cavity Nesters in Selected Stands of the Nelson Forest Region

Wildlife Trees of British Columbia (grades k—12)

Winter Food Habitats of Mule Deer in the Central Interior of British Columbia

Winter Food Habits of Mule Deer

Winter Nesting Habits of Northern Flying Squirrels in Sub-Boreal Spruce Forests

Wolf-Prey Dynamics: Proceedings of a Symposium Sponsored by BC Environment, Wildlife Branch, Faculty of Forestry, University of British Columbia and the Northwest Wildlife Preservation Society

A Wolverine Management Strategy for British Columbia

Woody Debris and Wildlife Trees in Aspen and Mixed-wood Forests of Northeastern British Columbia

Woody Debris in the Forests of British Columbia: A Review of the Literature and Current Research

Series Return to Top

Biogeoclimatic Zone Brochures

Biophysical Resources

Birds of British Columbia

Coastal Black-tailed Deer Study

Ecosystems at Risk in British Columbia

Field Guides to Ecosystems

Food Plants of First Peoples

Forest Practices Code Guidebooks

Handbooks for the Management of Hardwood Species in British Columbia

Illustrated Flora of British Columbia

Living Waters

Mammals in British Columbia

Plants of… Series

Sensitive Ecosystems Inventory

Species at Risk in British Columbia

Species Status Reports

Safety Guides

Standards for Components of British Columbia’s Biodiversity

Wildlife Habitat Handbooks for the Southern Interior Ecoprovince

Wildlife at Risk in British Columbia Fact Sheets

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