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Wildlife Habitat Handbooks for British Columbia: Problem Analysis.

This report represents a problem analysis of the proposed habitat handbook program. This report includes analysis of existing handbook documents, interviewing various resouce user representative, examining recently-aquired unpublished reports, and close coordination with handbook producers in the United States. The problem analysis concludes with recommendations for developing British Columbia Handbooks.

Documents Available Online:


Full - PDF(14.58MB)
Part 1 - Cover to page 16 PDF(1.86MB)
Part 2 - Pages 17 to 51 PDF(2.26MB)
Part 3 - Pages 52 to 86 PDF(1.76MB)
Part 4 - Pages 87 to 121 PDF(2.33MB)
Part 5 - Pages 122 to 156 PDF(1.88MB)
Part 6 - Pages 157 to 191PDF(1.73MB)
Part 7 - Pages 192 to 226 PDF(1.89MB)
Part 8 - Pages 227 to 238 PDF(551KB)

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