Fish & Habitats– Fraser River White Sturgeon Program

In 1995, the Habitat Conservation Trust Foundation supported a 5-year project to improve our understanding of white sturgeon biology and habitat requirements in the Fraser River. The overall findings of this study can be found in the Fraser River Monitoring Program - Comprehensive Report 1995 -1999 (PDF 6.83MB).

A two year provincial study was conducted in the Lower Fraser to describe white sturgeon spawning habitat. The results of this work can be found in the following documents: White Sturgeon Spawning Habitat in the Lower Fraser River 1998 (PDF 3.04MB) and White Sturgeon Spawning Habitat in the Lower Fraser River 1999 - Final Report (PDF 5.7MB).

A comprehensive bibliography (PDF 541KB) captures most recent studies and databases available for Fraser mainstem white sturgeon.

Other sites of interest:

The Fraser River White Sturgeon Conservation Society

Figure 1. Map indicates stock groupings identified to date for the Fraser and Nechako Rivers. These groups have been determined based on a combination of genetics and movement information.