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Ministry of Environment

The Frogwatch Atlas

The BC Frogwatch Atlas maps all the observations of amphibians and reptiles in the provincial data base. Click on the “Map Layers” icon in the bottom left of the screen to enter the data layers (map layers icon). You can see one species at a time or multiple species by checking the boxes beside the species you are interested in. The opening page will provide some guidance on how to use this site for creating maps to be used in projects and reports. While there are some tools available for analysis, the BC Frogwatch Atlas is primarily a species range visualizing tool. Also, note that the exact location of the observation has been masked and off-set due to data-sensitivity and private land sensitivities.

Click on the map below to go to the BC Frogwatch Atlas site.

BC Frogwatch Atlas


  • Click on the "+" symbol next to species groups, to see a list of individual species.
  • View individual species or a group of species by checking or unchecking the box beside the species name.
  • You can zoom in/out using the magnifying glasses (top toolbar) or the slide bar (top-left corner of map). Note: if you zoom in too close, all the points on the map will disappear because we want to protect the exact locations of vulnerable species, and private land sensitivities. The points are also randomly offset by 1 km away from the exact location, which is why you may see species locations in the ocean.
  • The coordinates of your pointer will be displayed on the bottom left corner of the map.
  • You can also change the background map between a road map and a topographic map by clicking on the "Base Maps" button on the top right corner of the map.
There are simple drawing, information query, printing, and exporting tools in the top toolbar. However, this site is not designed for extensive graphical capabilities or scientific analyses. To request more detailed data, contact the Wildlife Species Inventory team at SPI_Mail@gov.bc.ca.