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Frogs and Toads
Boreal Chorus Frog [PDF 142KB]
Bullfrog [PDF 142KB]
Columbia Spotted Frog [PDF 144KB]
Great Basin Spadefoot [PDF 140KB]
Green Frog [PDF 307KB]
Northern Leopard Frog [PDF 141KB]
Northern Red-legged Frog [PDF 135KB]
Oregon Spotted Frog [PDF 420KB]
Pacific Chorus Frog [PDF 139KB]
Tailed Frog [PDF 139KB]
Western Toad [PDF 138KB]
Wood Frog [PDF 140KB]
Blotched Tiger Salamander [PDF 254KB]
Coeur d’Alene Salamander [PDF 101KB]
Common Ensatina (species account coming)
Long-Toed Salamander [PDF 200KB]
Northwestern Salamander [PDF 197KB]
Pacific Giant Salamander [PDF 200KB]
Roughskin Newt [PDF 200KB]
Wandering Salamander (species account coming)
Western Redback Salamander (species account coming)
Painted Turtle [PDF 405KB]
Slider [PDF 246KB]

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