Data Submission and Viewing

Reporting, tracking and viewing of WHF data is a critical component of the proposed Order.  

It is important to track the locations of WHFs to ensure effective WHF management and data access and availability for two reasons. First, it will provide those carrying out primary forest activities with the ability to determine the locations of known WHFs in their area of operations for planning purposes. Second, it will allow the location of WHFs to be known for compliance and effectiveness evaluations.

We encourage agreement holders to trial the reporting methods and to provide us feedback on the clarity of instructions and ease of use of the WHF reporting process.

For Forest Act agreement holders, this includes providing feedback on utility and function of the delivered wood cost reporting section of the on-line form.

NOTE: Data entry during consultation is for test purposes only. Data submitted at this time will not be included in the formal WHF database.


Submitting Wildlife Habitat Feature Data

There are four ways to submit WHF data – three are on-line, the fourth is by submitting a paper copy.


A data submission site has been developed and is available for testing. There are three ways to use the submission site:

1. Enter one or more records directly using an on-line data entry form

2. Copy and paste multiple records into a master spreadsheet

3. Attach a completed WHF data template file (MS Excel, 99KB) (your data must be formatted the same way as the template file)

On-line submissions involve two steps:

A. Initially, before accessing the WHF data submission site (first time only) (PDF, 71KB)

B. Go to the WHF data submission site


If you do not have access to a computer or the internet, a fourth option for submitting WHF data is to print or request a paper form (MS Word 25KB) for recording observations and mail to:

Lisa Tedesco, Ecosystem Biologist
Ministry of Forests, Lands and Natural Resource Operations
Suite 401 - 333 Victoria Street, Nelson BC V1L 4K3


Viewing Wildlife Habitat Feature Data

NOTE: The WHF data layer is still in development in Habitat Wizard and not accessible during the consultation period. Other options for accessing the data will be available in the future.

The non-secured WHF spatial locations will be available in Habitat Wizard similar to other wildlife and fish inventory records. We have provided instructions below for how use Habitat Wizard to view a similar dataset and we invite users to provide feedback on the use of Habitat Wizard for viewing WHF data. Access to the secured records will be provided by request on a need-to-know basis.

View instructions on how to use Habitat Wizard (PDF 650KB))

Access Habitat Wizard