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An Identification Manual to the Small Mammals of British Columbia

By David W. Nagorsen
Published March 2002
by British Columbia Ministry of Sustainable Resource Management, British Columbia Ministry of Water, Land and Air Protection and Royal British Columbia Museum.

This manual covers 83 native and introduced marsupial, insectivore, bat, lagomorph, and rodent species known to occur in British Columbia. It is intended to serve as a standard reference for students and wildlife biologists identifying voucher specimens or animals "in the hand" captured during field studies. The manual has two independent sets of identification keys, one for whole animals or museum study skins and the other for cleaned skulls. In addition, a brief species account is provided for each of the 83 species. Each account includes a description, body measurements and weight, information on discriminating similar species, a range map, and illustrations of the species and its skull. Technical terms are defined in a glossary; important references and other useful identification manuals are listed in a bibliography.

The complete manual is available for download and printing in PDF format (3.56MB).

Please Note: Some lineart images (skulls and key features) in the Manual PDF may not be of sufficiently high resolution for some purposes. To view and print individual figures, select the desired figure (PDF) from the drop down list.

Key to Whole Animals


Shrews & Moles - Figures 7-23
Bats - Figures 24-32
Hares, Rabbits & Pikas - Figures 33-34
Rodents - Figures 35-50

Key to Skulls

Shrews & Moles - Figures 51-69

Bats - Figures 70-80

Hares, Rabbits & Pikas - Figures 81-86

Rodents - Figures 87-144

Key to Chipmunk Genital Bones -
Figures 145-148






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