List of Brochures for Species and Ecosystems at Risk

Ecosystems at Risk in British Columbia

Antelope-brush Ecosystems PDF (446KB)  
Coastal Douglas-fir Ecosystems PDF (389KB)
Coastal Sand Dune Ecosystems PDF (365KB)
Estuaries in British Columbia PDF (1.38MB)
Cottonwood Riparian Ecosystems of the Southern Interior PDF (514KB)
Garry Oak Ecosystems PDF (563KB)
Wetlands of the Southern Interior Valleys PDF (282KB)
Grasslands of the Southern Interior PDF (822KB)

Species at Risk in British Columbia


American White Pelican PDF (365KB)
Arctic Grayling PDF (661KB)
Badger (Revised) PDF (344KB)
Burrowing Owl PDF (450KB)
Extinct and Extirpated Species PDF (400KB)
Freshwater Molluscs PDF (359KB)
Great Basin Spadefoot Toad PDF (351KB)
Marbled Murrelet PDF (594KB)
Mountain Caribou PDF (296KB)
Nooksack Dace PDF (436KB)
Northern Spotted Owl PDF (391KB)
Oregon Spotted Frog PDF (413KB)
Pacific Giant Salamander PDF (541KB)
Pacific Water Shrew PDF (486KB)
Painted Turtle PDF (398KB)
Purple Martin PDF (446KB)
Rare Butterflies of Southeastern
Vancouver Island and the Gulf Islands
PDF (483KB)
Rare Dragonflies of British Columbia PDF (857KB)
Rare Forest Plants of Southern British Columbia PDF (563KB)
Rare Grassland Plants PDF (430KB)
Rare Invertebrates of the South Okanagan PDF (331KB)
Rare Warblers of Northeastern British Columbia PDF (542KB)
Sage Thrasher PDF (446KB)
Salish Sucker PDF (404KB)
Sandhill Crane PDF (1MB)
Sea Otter (Revised) PDF (445KB)
Sharptailed Snake PDF (359KB)  
Spotted Bat PDF (480KB)
Stickleback Species Pairs PDF (333KB)
Tailed Frog PDF (512KB)
Townsend's Big-Eared Bat PDF (467KB)
Townsend's Mole PDF (435KB)
Vancouver Island Marmot PDF (434KB)
Western Grebe PDF (385KB)
Western Rattlesnake PDF (419KB)
White Sturgeon PDF (351KB)
White-headed Woodpecker PDF (308KB)
Wood Bison PDF (402KB)

Wildlife at Risk in British Columbia factsheets are also available for the following species:

Cour d'Alene Salamander PDF (101KB)
Gopher Snake PDF (272KB)
Great Blue Heron PDF (106KB)
Keen's Long-eared Myotis PDF (241KB)
Lewis's Woodpecker PDF (150KB)
Long-billed Curlew PDF (236KB)
Northern Goshawk PDF (71KB)
Peregrine Falcon PDF (74KB)
Short-eared Owl PDF (167KB)
Western Harvest Mouse PDF (94KB)

See also BC Frogwatch for Frogwatch factsheets

Please note:
If you wish a printed hardcopy. please email the details of your request and provide your mailing address.

Every effort has been made to contact the photographers of the images in these brochures. If your photo is in the brochures and you have not been contacted, please contact the Ecosystems Branch.