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A Manual for Growing and Using Seed from Herbaceous Plants
Native to the Northern Interior of British Columbia


By C.M. Burton and P.J Burton
Published by Symbios Research & Restoration, Smithers, BC.

It is expected that native plant materials will see increasing use for revegetating disturbed and degraded lands in northern British Columbia and elsewhere. Mixtures of grasses and legumes (and sometimes other graminoid and forb species) are sown for roadside erosion control, the rehabilitation of compacted soils, the reclamation of minespoils, and the restoration of natural grasslands. The manual focuses on the biology and management of 31 species of herbaceous plants iindigenous to the northern Interior of British Columbia. It provides instructions for providing reliable supplies of herbaceous native plant seed for such applications, for harvesting the seed, and for threshing methods for each species. Maps of the range of each species in northern British Columbia are provided, as are photographs of their growth habits and seeds.

The complete manual is available for download and printing in PDF format (178pp 4.4MB) OR two parts:
Part 1 1.9MB, Part 2 2.5MB.

Individual chapters/files (PDF)s (from 32KB to 104KB)
Executive Summary and Table of Contents
Introduction and Background
General considerations for growing

Site selection and preparation
Stand establishment
Stand maintenance
Threshing and cleaning

General considerations for use in revegetation

Site preparation
Soil amendments and mulches
The seeding prescription
Sowing and monitoring
Some examples of native plant seeding prescriptions

Individual species treatments (Introduction)
    Grasses (11 species)
    Sedges and Rushes (4 species)
    Legumes (4 species)
    Composites (6 species)
    Other plant families (6 species)



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