Biodiversity / Environmental Information Publications

Information on biodiversity in B.C., in the form of brochures, safety guides, species status reports, and a variety of technical and non-technical publications, are now available in our e-Libraries through our NEW SEARCH TOOL

CLIR (Cross-linked Information Resources).

OR you can go directly to our new EIRS Biodiversity e-library (replaces the old Biodiversity Publications search). Many of the publications are available in PDF format  on–line in one of our ministry e–libraries.

CLIR is an umbrella search application that allows users to search multiple sources of environmental and natural resource information simultaneously through a single search window. CLIR searches for documents in six Ministry of Environment e-libraries. Use CLIR to search if you aren't sure where the documents you seek are stored... To search 6 libraries simultaneously , use CLIR . To search individual libraries or other sources of information, use links below.

EIRS Biodiversity is a searchable catalogue that provides access to a broad range of environmental and natural resource information for B.C., including publications on species and the habitats in which they live. Documents and related files stored in EIRS Biodiversity include species and ecosystems at risk brochures and fact sheets, species status reports and recovery plans, frogwatch factsheets, mammals in BC, watershed restoration publications, fisheries management reports and technical circulars, safety guides and a variety of other documents.

You can CHOOSE from our HTML list (by title) of biodiversity-related publications in EIRS Biodiversity (ALL documents) or use EIRS to refine your search for publications by entering keyword, title, series, species name, report number, and more. Results will show availability - digital or print.

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Other E-Libraries and additional sources - to search individual libraries or other sources of information, use links below:

  •  B.C. Conservation Data Centre – provides a listing of publications produced by BC CDC staff.
  • Crown Publications/Queens Printer – a searchable list of publications (with purchasing information) produced by the B.C. government. Includes BC Acts, regulations and related legislative publications.
  • Endangered Species & Ecosystems in B.C. – information about endangered species and ecosystems in BC British Columbia is home to tens of thousands of plant and animal species living in a rich diversity of habitats. Many of the species and their habitats are at risk.
  • EcoCat (formerly AquaCat) – a searchable catalogue of aquatic–, terrestrial– and vegetation–related files including reports, map profiles, data files, digital map files, and images.
  • Identified Wildlife Management Strategy (IWMS) – information for species identified having habitats at risk under the Forest and Range Practices Act of British Columbia.
  • Ministry of Forests, Mines and Lands Research, Innovation and Knowledge Management Branch - links to documents on silviculture, biodiversity, wildlife habitat and more.
  • Technical Library – library serving the ministries of Environment and Forests, Mines and Lands – provides a searchable catalogue for documents and an extensive list of environment–related websites.
  • 2001 Biodiversity Publications Catalogue NOTE: This catalogue has not been updated since 2001. An on–line version of the 2001 printed catalogue listing biodiversity-related publications published (since 1987) by the ministries of Sustainable Resource Management and Water, Land and Air Protection (formerly the Ministry of Environment, Lands and Parks), the Ministry of Forests, and the Royal British Columbia Museum.

To order printed copies of publications, search the e–libraries using CLIR and click on "Request Hardcopy?" in the last column. This will generate an email to the supplier. Many publications are available free of charge, but for some there is a copying and/or shipping and handling fee. Questions about this or the publications? Email Science & Biodiversity Information Requests.

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