Species and Ecosystems at Risk Local Government Working Group

Are you an elected official or staff member working in a regional or municipal government? Are you interested in the protection of plants, animals and their habitats? Then this is the group for you!

The Species and Ecosystems at Risk Local Government Working Group (SEAR LGWG) was established in the fall of 2009 in response to the Minister of Environment’s interest in developing a collaborative, provincial vision for species and ecosystems at risk protection on private land.

The SEAR LGWG is intended to be a forum for communication and consensus to foster collaboration on SEAR issues.

Text Box: Garry Oak Ecosystem, Brenda CostanzoThe SEAR LGWG consists of representatives from municipal, regional and provincial governments and the Union of British Columbia Municipalities (UBCM). A jointly prepared discussion paper Working Together to Protect Species at Risk: Strategies Recommended by Local Government to Improve Conservation on Municipal, Regional and Private Lands in British Columbia (PDF 1.30MB) was completed in January 2011.

The SEAR LGWG provided 45 recommendations for provincial government, local governments and UBCM under five strategies:

    1. Increase local government awareness of species at risk.
    2. Facilitate use of effective tools and techniques.
    3. Identify and collaborate on shared responsibilities.
    4. Conduct ecosystem mapping and encourage data sharing.
    5. Engage landowners in species at risk habitat protection.
Implementation of the recommendations within the Discussion Paper will include collaboration between the SEAR LGWG and existing regional and local conservation programs, land trusts Text Box: Sage Thrasher, Jared Hobbs  sage  Sharp-tailed Snake?  andotherenvironmental stewardship organisations. Please see the SEAR LGWG Terms of Reference (PDF 143KB) for more information.

The SEAR LGWG approach includes building on the extensive work already underway by provincial and local governments, land trusts and conservation groups in the various regions of the province and facilitating further discussion among local governments about SEAR protection on private and local government lands.

The SEAR LGWG aims to hold annual workshops, depending on availability and interest [Read the notes from February 2012 workshop (PDF 1.57MB); Read the notes from October 2013 workshop (PDF 10.97MB)].

Text Box: Lyall’s mariposa lily, Orville Dyer Thrasher, Jared Hobbs  sage  Sharp-tailed Snake?  Currently there are over 140 participants on the group and we are looking to continue expanding our membership to other local governments. If you are an elected official or staff member within a local government and are interested in joining the group, please email SEARLGWG@gov.bc.ca.



Text Box: Sharp-tailed Snake, Kristiina Ovaska

Species and Ecosystems at Risk Screensaver

British Columbians are lucky to benefit from some of the most beautiful and unique ecosystems in Canada, supporting incredible biodiversity. Along with this privilege we have the important responsibility of stewarding many species and ecosystems at risk. We are pleased to share with you a Species and Ecosystems at Risk screensaver, highlighting just a few of British Columbia’s threatened species and ecosystems. Please enjoy the weird and wonderful photographs while remembering that we all have a role to play in maintaining the amazing biodiversity we are so fortunate to enjoy.
Note: You will need administrative access on your computer in order to install this screensaver [Access Screensaver].