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Check out the newest additions to our on-line Environmental Information Resources (EIRS) e-library, including some of our newest recovery strategies, research reports and items like ecosystems at risk brochures - Coastal Sand Dunes of British Columbia (740KB) and Estuaries of British Columbia (1.4MB). You can search by series, by keywords, by title...lots of different ways. Any questions about how to find things, contact the Science & Biodiversity Information Coordinator.

Check out the new Animals, Plants and Ecosystems Information Portal
This site guides you to search for or submit information relating to B.C.’s animals, plants and ecosystems. The information portal provides access and submission tools only for data and information managed by Ecosystems Information, Ministry of Environment.

Conservation Framework
The Ministry of Environment, in collaboration with other partners, has developed a new approach for maintaining the rich biodiversity of the province. The Conservation Framework is a collaborative approach to conservation that will allow us to act sooner to protect species and ecosystems in decline, and act smarter by identifying the most appropriate conservation actions. For more information…

Recent Publications:
New provincial recovery strategies and draft provincial recovery strategies have been added since August 2010
- View the complete list and link to documents

Diseases You Can Get From Wildlife: British Columbia, Alberta and Saskatchewan 2010
Wild game and fish may carry diseases that can be transmitted to people. Disease transmission to people can be prevented by following the guidelines provided in the booklet Diseases You Can Get From Wildlife: British Columbia, Alberta and Saskatchewan 2010 - a field-guide for Hunters, Trappers, Anglers and Biologists. This booklet provides the top 10 safety tips, general information and detailed information about specific diseases. Link to the document
(PDF 5.57MB)

B.C. Conservation Data Centre - species rank and taxonomic changes through BC Species and Ecosystems Explorer. Changes are summarized in documents at http://www.env.gov.bc.ca/atrisk/changes.htm.

BC Species and Ecosystems Explorer (BCSEE) is the current source of official B.C. scientific names, English names and Resource Inventory Standards Committee (RISC) codes for vertebrates. Explorer assumed this role in 2005, replacing The Vertebrates of British Columbia: Scientific and English names.

Updated information on Caribou in B.C.
Visit the Mountain Caribou information page

View the brochure Snowmobiling and Caribou in British Columbia (PDF 1.94MB) This brochure provides basic information on caribou, where they live and why they are at risk, and describes the effect of snowmobile activity on the species. Includes distribution map and ways to reduce disturbance as a result of snowmobiling.