Safe - Doesn't look nice
Commonly infected wildlife
Is this animal infected?
Affected birds have cream-colored cysts that are longer than they are wide in breast, heart and leg muscle
  - Cysts resemble rice grains, and can be several mm (1/4 inch) long
  - Cysts feel gritty when cut with a knife
Dead Duck with Sarcocystis
Can I get it?
How bad can it get?

No known risk to people

Protect myself and others
Scientists recommend that people and pets do not eat heavily infested meat
Heavily infested carcasses are unappetizing
The parasite can be killed by cooking
Symptoms in people
No known risk to people
Safe for pets?
Not raw Not Safe for Pets
  - Carnivores shed eggs in their feces, which then become infectious to birds
  - Pets may play a role in transmission of sarcocystis to birds
What causes it?
A protozoan parasite called Sarcocystis rileyi

Sarcocystis is found around the world in many types of animals, including deer, moose, caribou, elk, seals and domestic livestock