Water Protection & Sustainability Branch


Well Identification

Highlands Well, CRD - S. KennyWell identification plates are required for certain types of wells under the Water Act (See Section 74) and the Ground Water Protection Regulation (See Section 8).

FAQ's will help well owners and drillers in determining the type of identification plate required.



Well Construction/Closure Report Form

The well construction/closure report form may be used to record the construction and/or closure details of a water well. There are currently two forms available for use:

Well identification plates and well construction report forms can be obtained from the Ground Water Data Technician at (250) 953-3408 or by email at GroundWater@gov.bc.ca


Well Registration Form

The Well Registration Form is designed for individual well owners to voluntarily register their well(s) with the Province.

Not sure if your well is already registered? Search the Provincial WELLS database to see if your well information is registered.

Completed forms can be emailed to: GroundWater@gov.bc.ca or mailed to:

Ministry of Environment
PO Box 9362 Stn Prov Govt
Victoria BC  V8W 9M2


Schedule 2

Schedule 2 ( ) contains the reporting requirements for well identification for an existing drinking water supply system (i.e. community) well. Please submit Schedule 2 to:

Deputy Comptroller
Ministry of Environment
PO Box 9362 Stn Prov Govt
Victoria B.C. V8W 9M2


Registration of Well Drillers and Well Pump Installers

Forms for Registration

A Word document is available upon request. Please send an email to: GroundWater@gov.bc.ca