The Water Rent and Application Fee Estimator provides an estimate of provincial water rentals, which are annual payments for the diversion and use of water. Application fees can also be estimated. The tool was updated in 2016 to reflect changes that came into force with the Water Sustainability Act (WSA). As of February 29th, 2016, all non-domestic groundwater users are required to apply for a water licence, and pay an application fee and annual water rentals. Applications for existing non-domestic groundwater use submitted on or before March 1, 2022 are exempt from the one-time application fee. Homeowners that have a well for their domestic water use are exempt from licensing and paying provincial water fees and rentals.

This tool provides an estimate for a given volume and purpose. Actual application fees and rentals that apply may differ, e.g., 2016 fees and rentals will be a blend of Water Act rates (to February 28th) and Water Sustainability Act rates (from February 29th).

Additional charges, such as late payment fees, are not calculated by the tool.

To begin, please select the type of water rental you would like to estimate.