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Water Licences Query - Help

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New Licences or Applications

New licences or applications from this date forward - When selected, restricts results to Issue Date for Licences ("date on which the licence was issued") or Priority Date for Applications ("date from which the precedence of the licence is established"), starting at the date entered. Search results are displayed in the columns Priority Date or Issue Date.

  • This search criteria is used for determining Priority Dates for Applications and Issue Dates for Licences, from the date entered to the present time. For example, if you enter the date 20020101 and press SUBMIT, the results page will show all applications with a priority date equal to or great than 20020101, and all licences with an Issue Date equal to or greater than 20020101.

  • Only licences issued since January 1, 1992, have an Issue Date stored against them. Those licences issued prior to this date are shown simply with a zero value.

  • This search criteria option was originally established for external users (e.g. Ministry of Forests) who were in possession of a Water Rights map. By using this option together with the WR map No. as search criteria, it was possible to determine whether new licences had issued or new applications had been received, on particular map, from a particular date forward.

  • To use this field, enter in the format "yyyymmdd" (e.g., 19980430).
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