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Water Licences Query - Help

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Points Code

Points Code - Unique identifier created for Points of Diversion. This is a 5-digit code preceded by alpha characters PD (e.g., PD58512). Search results are displayed in the column Points Code. Note that Points Code is a unique identifier that is associated with digital Points of Diversion contained in the provincial TPOD_BC coverage.

  • Points Code is an optional column that must be selected by typing an "X" in the box adjacent to the Points Code field before pressing the SUBMIT button.
  • Licence can have one or many Points of Diversion ("the place on the natural channel of a stream where an applicant proposes, or a licensee is authorized, to divert water from the stream." Water Regulation).
  • A Point of Diversion can have one or many licences (e.g., a shared intake).
  • Enter PD in uppercase or lowercase, followed by 5-digit number (e.g., PD49412).
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