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Water Licences Query - Help

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Water Rights Map/POD

WR Map/POD - Water Rights maps are created by the Water Management Branch. These maps reconcile a Point of Diversion (POD) to a geographic location. Each Water Rights map has a unique number, located in the bottom right corner. The WR Map/POD search field is optimally used if you have in your possession a Water Rights Map.

  • Licences can have one or many Points of Diversion ("the place on the natural channel of a stream where an applicant proposes, or a licensee is authorized, to divert water from the stream." Water Regulation).

  • A Point of Diversion can have one or many licences (i.e. a shared intake).
  • The WR Map/POD search field contains an embedded wild card. You can search by either:
    • Whole Mapsheet, e.g. 5350 - which would list all PODs contained on mapsheet 5350, or by
    • Mapsheet and POD letter, e.g. 5350 Y - which would list only Y (or YY)

  • PODs also have a unique points code, e.g. PD12345. The WR map/POD letter/Points Code descriptor is shown in the WR Map/Point Code column as follows: 5350 Y (PD28481).

    NOTE: PODs circa 1999 do not contain a POD letter, only a WR map/Point code combination, e.g. 5350 (PD12345)

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