1) Where can I find compulsory reports for hunting or trapping?
Please follow these links to the Hunter Compulsory Report and the Trapper Compulsory Report

Please note: There is a mandatory inspection for possession permits.

2) What firearms can I use?
For inquires on firearms, please refer to the Hunting Methods section of the Regulations on pages 17-18. Also please note A B.C. hunting license does not give authority to carry a firearm. For information on the Canadian Firearm License, contact Canadian Firearm Centre at 1-800-731-4000 or visit the CFC website.

3) How do I distinguish whether my issue/inquiry should be guided toward a Conservation Officer or a Wildlife biologist?
Conservation Officers deal with Wildlife Act, environmental law enforcement issues and public safety. General Wildlife inquires or questions should be toward Biologist.

4) Where can I find information on back roads and trails for hunting and fishing?
The Road & Recreational Atlas is a great resource, or Backroad Mapbooks.

5) What are the age specifics for hunting in BC?
Please view pages 7-8 in the Licence Requirements section of the Hunting Regulations for detailed information.