Common Permits

For a list of all commonly used Wildlife permits, please view the following:

Permit Types - Wildlife Act

  • Angling Guide Licences
  • Angling Guide Licences (Assistant)
  • Application to Accompany
  • Captivity (to keep wildlife in): 2(t)(i)(ii)(iii)(a)(b)(iv)(v)(v)
  • Capture live wildlife: 2(h)
  • Capture & Release (Education): 2(h)(j)(o)
  • Cites Export Permits
  • Export wildlife, wildlife parts or eggs for personal use (Cites): 2(n)(ii)
  • Discharge Firearms in No Shooting Area: 2(i)
  • Discharge Firearm from Vehicle: 3(1)(a)
  • Duplicate Hunter Numbers
  • Duplicate Limited Entry
  • Fur Royalty Receipts
  • Fur Trader's Licence
  • Group Fishing Permit: 2(s)
  • Guide Outfitters and Assistant Guide Licences
  • Hunter Numbers
  • Hunt, trap or kill wildlife (educational purposes): 2(c)(ii)
  • Hunt, trap or kill wildlife (scientific purposes): 2(c)(i)
  • Hunt, trap or kill wildlife on one's own property (controlling wildlife populations): 2(b)(ii)
  • Hunt, trap or kill wildlife on one's own property (crop protection): 2(b)(i)
  • Import/Reimport Permits: 4(b)(i)2(j)(m)(n)(i)
  • Operate a Commercial Game Bird Club: 2(r)
  • Operate a wildlife rehabilitation facility/capture, transport, release or euthanize wildlife for purposes of rehabilitation: 2(t)
  • Parks Use Permits
  • Possession Permits: 2(p)(y)
  • Possession Permit (ED or CER): 2(k)
  • Possess dead wildlife for a ceremonial or societal purpose: 2(k)(ii)
  • Possess dead wildlife after making a statutory declaration: 2(y)
  • Possess or dispose of dead wildlife for a scientific or educational purpose: 2(k)(i)
  • Possess live wildlife for a commercial operation or a non-commercial operation where the wildlife is on display (zoos): 2(j)
  • Possess live wildlife for all other circumstances: 2(j)
  • Transport live wildlife within BC: 2(m)
  • Trapping Permit: 2(c)(iii)(l)