Controlled Alien Species

The legislation introduced on April 16, 2008 provides authority to address the possessing, breeding, release, trafficking, shipping or transportation of alien species such as tigers and venomous snakes and other species that are potentially hazardous to public safety or native wildlife. Under the amendments, the minister will be able to prohibit or regulate the keeping of listed alien species, making it an offence to acquire, possess or sell them, except as authorized in regulation. Up until now, the government of B.C. has not had authority to take such measures with respect to alien species because they do not fall under the definition of "wildlife" in the act.

"Giving the environment minister the authority under the act to regulate exotic species that could be considered a threat to public safety is a valuable tool," said Sara Dubois, manager of Wildlife Services for the B.C. Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals. "It can be used by our officers, who have sometimes in the past found themselves at a loss in dealing with situations involving dangerous exotic animals."

For more information please visit the New Protection for Wildlife and the Public page under the Wildlife Act Review.